The 41-46th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts Fair Review
21-27. 10 2019 2020-2022
中国 · 广州 Guangzhou · China

About Jinhan Fair

Guangzhou (Jinhan) Fair for Home and Gifts(JINHANFAIR), a flagship international trading platform for home furnishing and giftindustry in China, has created an "online/offline" dual platform model,enabled by the high-quality international buyers and apotent influence accumulated over the past 21 seeks to cultivate, to upgrade and to normalize the digitalization of home furnishing and gift industry, while to empower the industry the momentum to go further.
展商地域构成:国际31%,国内69% 本届博览会汇聚了来自德国、冰岛、加拿大、日本、以色列、韩国、美国、台湾及中国大陆等22个国家和地区的知名企业。

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This kind of Source Matching is very convenient. Suppliers pre-matched for us highly meet our expects. So we will keep contact with the suppliers to seek for cooperation. We want to participate in similar source matchings in the future and conduct productive discussions with more Chinese suppliers.

Aldi (Germany) Purchasing Representative

We connected with satisfactory suppliers at JINHAN FAIR through source matchings. The organizer pre-matched potential suppliers for video meetings, which allowed us to know more about the suppliers. lt is very efficient.


Leandra P. Maffoni Sourcing Manager

Exhibitor's Comment

Thank you, JINHAN FAlR, for allowing us to meet our clients in person. And we got a lot out of it. We met many new clients there and also learned a lot about the market trends and expectations. This will serve as a roadmap for future production and operation for us.

Taizhou Huangyan Xuyin lmport & Export Co., Ltd.

Zhengchang Tao, General Manager

We took part in nearly 10 source matchings and contacted numerous old and new buyers online. The online exhibit yielded a significant ROl. We would like to meet more quality buyers online even if the offline fair reopened.

Mr. Ou Design &Export Co, LTD.

Rebecca Qiu Deputy General Manager

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Amidst the online Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts, 17 online matching sessions were launched, facilitating connection between many overseas buyers and domestic high-quality vendors. Trade and commerce matching remained a prominent function of the fair.

Match-Making 50 Online Sourcing Match-Making
This JINHAN FAIR received purchasing requisitions from approximately 1,500 buyers worldwide, offered customized matching services to about 100 buyers, and successfully held 50 online sourcing matchmaking video sessions, setting new standards for the industry.

During this virtual JINHAN FAIR, buyers' sourcing needs came in thick and fast,and 104 online sourcing meetings were successfully held, reaching a record high in the industry.



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