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Rush Atop the “Cloud” and Empower the Future ——JINHAN FAIR expedites the release of online and offline business opportunities


“Opening up innovation to change and triumph together”. The seven-day Jinhan Fair online exhibition started on June 24th where they delivered their reports from their“initial trial”: 900 exhibitors put their new products online, and buyers from over 160 countries and regions helped build the fair online.


These results embody the sponsor Poly Exhibition's determination and belief to seek change during the Epidemic and move forward with enterprises, while demonstrating their "core" power to actively embrace digitization and foster innovation.


Digital marketing offers enterprises more business opportunities for development


Combined with the innovative marketing platforms such as live streaming, video, and VR, many enterprises have firmly attracted customers and tasted the benefits of innovation and opening-up.


VR shooting cloth field set-up in Fuzhou Minqian


In this exhibition, Fuzhou Minqian experienced a loss for which they were later compensated: "We have a good track record this time with many high-quality customers who accumulated through the online exhibition. We are confident that we will continue to make up for the loss of the epidemic." Zheng Qian, General Manager, said.


For this online exhibition, Minqing Big Fortune shot a number of amazing scenic videos. "A lot of buyers praised our scenic video presentation. It is fair to say that it was worthwhile to hire a professional team to shoot the live broadcast, which properly demonstrates our innovative ability." The company's Miss Yi said.


Internet celebrity video of Minqing Big Fortune


Multi-dimensional show improves the entire staff’s marketing abilities



Shenzhen D'SILY specializes in home crafts exporting and is well-known for its design abilities. In this online exhibition, they set up the broadcast room in the exhibition hall, which enabled the designers to come to the front stage from behind the scenes with new identities: foreign trade anchors. On the stage, they introduced the company culture and product design concepts to the on-screen audiences to display the corporate image and strengths in an all-around way.


Some of D'SILY’s online exhibition products


As it turned out, the online exhibition forced the number of "international fans" foreign trade anchors to rise suddenly. Many exhibitors, including Rhine Sena Home Furnishing, said that because of this trial, their salespeople's skills are fully trained and have improved greatly, while having also notified the company to pay high attention to personnel training and team building for continuous online marketing.



Enterprise live broadcasting


Online connection enable overseas buyers to find business opportunities on the platform



Due to the epidemic, overseas buyers have been cut off, but their demands remain strong. Among them, TEDi, the German discount retail giant, took this online exhibition as an opportunity to hold an online purchasing meeting to touch with various suppliers for their follow-up purchasing plan. According to their feedback, TEDi achieved efficient one-stop docking with nearly 200 counterpart suppliers, which greatly improved its procurement efficiency, and will also be continually adopted.

In addition, many buyers are actively releasing purchasing demands in other ways. Only the official "Home Gift Exhibition" app of the JINHAN FAIR has many buyers' independent procurement information.



Some demands in Biz Hub


With the JINHAN FAIR at the wheel, the team will advance with you


In order to ensure the success of the online exhibition, the sponsor Poly Exhibition is going all out to provide whole-hearted service. In terms of page and function design, we strive to better help exhibitors display their latest products and catch the attention of buyers with fashionable products. In addition, considering that buyers come from different time zones, the team has adopted a three-shift system to ensure 24-hour real-time responses to the needs of all parties.

JINHAN FAIR organizer- the Poly Exhibition team


The online JINHAN FAIR has come to an end, but has become a catalyst for a new marketing model by simply beginning. The JINHAN FAIR will continue to deepen digital innovation practices, strengthen the combination of online and offline marketing models, and create unlimited business opportunities for the home furnishing of foreign trade and export industries.


The 50th Jinhan Fair

Jinhan Fair Online Exhibition


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