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The Three Biggest Dropship Companies


Many people want to know who the three biggest drop ship companies are. When I see a question like this, I have to wonder whether or not the person asking really understands the question or has any idea how dropshipping works. Sorry, I don’t want to be hard on you. After all, we all start somewhere. It is true, there is an intense interest about who the “legitimate” drop ship companies are. But for what product line? So, you are seeking the major dropship companies . . .

for what products?

This question is really impossible to answer without knowing what products you are seeking. there isn’t just one set of companies who handle all products. If you are seeking the major wholesale companies for DVDs, you will find that there are three major players, but these are not the same companies handling consumer electronics or clothing or healthcare products.

There are companies that are dropship aggregators. That means that they retail companies who either stock huge inventories of many different products or serve as a sort of broker for many different wholesale distributors. These companies often charge a membership fee or some other kind of recurring fee and in return provide you with a pre-loaded website or a data feed that you install on your own site. Some of these sorts of sites have an electronic interface between your site and their inventory so that when a sale is made, money is credited to you and the products shpped to your customer under your business name. Examples of such dropship aggregators would be dropshipdesign.com, doba.com, megagoods.com, and bnfusa.com. It is important to understand that these sorts of drop ship companies are retailers selling goods at steep discount. Generally speaking, they are not true wholesalers.

Although there are a few large wholesale distributors who may advertise a dropship service, generally speaking, dropshipping is arranged by an agreement between you and a specific wholesaler serving the product line you are selling as a retailer. If you are seeking specific product lines, leave a comment, and I may be able to help.

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