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Designers share what's selling at the market


Every market has style trends, and it is important to understand current color and decor influences. But the bottom line is that design must also make money, and consumer preference is one of the most important factors to consider in the equation.

To help buyer navigate the offerings, four designers - Angelo Surmelis, Barclay Butera, Christopher Guy and Bobby Berk –is sharing with us about what their clients are asking for when it comes to new furniture.

Question: Are people buying more sofas, chairs, sectionals? Yes, each project is specific to the client, but are they recovering sofas and buying new chairs, buying all new or mixing and matching? And is one style winning out over another?

Berk: Our biggest category in upholstery is sectionals. I'd say we sell eight sectionals for every two sofas. People love sofas with chaises because they are versatile. Couples can cuddle on them or not, depending on the day.

Guy: I can say that across the world, patterns are being substituted for textures, in a more neutral tone with just a hint of color. The market requirements in U.S. cities are quickly moving to a warm contemporary, rather than a clean-cut European feel. One thing though is sure - the traditional look is obsolete unless given a thorough makeover. Changing the color of traditional dark furnishings to a lighter tone, in particular white, plus a purer fabric theme, can excite the current buying audience.

Butera: New, fresh sofas continue to be a major priority for our clients. Since most of my projects are complete design renovations, new construction and floor-to-ceiling makeovers, we strongly encourage our clients to begin with the sofa first. I do adhere to a high-low mix of furnishings and accessories, but I always advise clients to buy the very best sofa they can afford. It's an investment that will reward them over and over!

Surmelis: My clients are buying more chairs. They are using them as accessories and giving their rooms an instant color and pattern lift. When they do replace bigger ticket items, it's usually because they are interested in changing design direction and they want the larger pieces to lead the way.

F/T: For retailers who are looking for a way to excite consumers, what products and styles are going to promote a sense of "gotta have it" with consumers? What can retailers put on the floor to get people in the store?

Surmelis: You can never go wrong with taking chances. Even when you feel there was a misstep, you've gained a perspective you didn't have before. When I opened our first angelo:HOME store in downtown L.A., one of my biggest goals was to be able to experiment with everything. If it was for your home, I wanted to participate in that arena. Try new colors, patterns and looks. It's more than surprising what you can learn from those chances and the things that you may think are not going to work are sometimes the ones that are a "must have" for the customer. You don't have to make a broad stroke - just ones that show your customer things that they weren't expecting from you. I don't like being bored, and I certainly don't think my customer does either.

Butera: I do think retailers need to take more chances. When I first began in this business, there were jaws dropping at my combinations of animal print, plaids, stripes and beyond. Glamour always sells for us, and color. I love color, but not in a crazy way - instead, in a very classic, timeless, yet fearless approach. It's all in the way you put it together, and you bet - you have to take risks to grow. My look evolves with every project.

Berk: We try to make furniture the grandkids will fight over, but keep price points affordable for the masses. There is definitely a level of quality phenomenon happening right now, and everyone should be able to have fun with furniture for their home.

Sources from: Furniture today

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