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Fuzhou Minhou Industrial Base: Home Decorations and Decorative Furniture



Minhou County of Fuzhou City, China gathers many designers and manufacturers of antique-style home decorations and decorative furniture. Having been engaged in this industry for years, handicrafts manufacturers in this area are quite competitive, achieving a total export value of over 100 million US dollars in 2012. They have been core suppliers for the Jinhan Fair. Over the past more then a decade, Minhou County has developed handicrafts into an industry with a growing scale. Now, there are nearly 700 handicrafts manufacturers in the area, and 200 outstanding ones of them have been regular participants of Jinhan Fair over the years. More than 100,000 people are engaged in this industry, and relevant township enterprises have formed clusters in the five towns of Ganzhe, Baisha, Shanggan, Hongwei and Jingxi.

Products cover the American antique style, European pastoral style, and other styles, and have been exported to the US and Europe for a long time. Renowned international retailers such as Hobby Lobby, Pier 1, Micheals’, The Home Depot, Three Hands, etc. are all long-time buyers of handicrafts from Minhou. The products include art prints, wall decorations, lightings, clocks, screens, side tables, side cabinets, bookshelves, flower stands, coat racks, chairs, etc.; and they are mainly made of rattan, wood, iron, and wicker in combination.

At Jinhan Fair, booths of this category are in Hall 1 and Hall 2 on the 1st floor, Hall 6 on the 3rd floor, and the Lobby on B1.


Representative Enterprises


Booth No./Company Website      Company Name


1B15,1B16,1C01,1C02           FUJIAN MINHOU MINXING WEAVING CO.,LTD.        



1B14,1C03                                 EASTOWN INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED  



1B10,1C08                                 MINQING BIG FORTUNE ARTS & CRAFTS CO., LTD. 



2E16,2F02                                 FUZHOU HOMEBROAD ARTS & CRAFTS CO., LTD.   




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