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Green Designs Shimmered the 27th JINHAN Fair for Home & Gifts Wrapped Up Successfully


On April 27th 2013, the 27th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts wrapped up successfully in Guangzhou Poly Word Trade Exhibition Hall. The 7 days’ fair covered 80,000 square meters, with 50,000 buyers from 160 countries and regions, nearly 700 exhibiting companies participated. The new exhibition area (Galleria) gathered home products and decorations of porcelain and glass onsite and was eye attracting.


On the fair, green designs such as: e-candles, solar-power garden lights,etc drew a lot of attention. Ningbo Yongmao Handcrafts Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of e-candles. It’s manager said: “ E-candle as an emerging energy efficient green product boasts the integrity of safety, ornamentally and practicability. It sells wonderfully in China and the overseas markets, orders increases each year.”


As the export demand is warming up gradually, the fair witnessed increases of both procurements and orders from North America, Germany, France, the UK and other euro countries. Exhibiting companies’ confidence was stimulated by more new customer-visits and more old customer orders. Our numbers show show that: 55 percent of the buyers were from Europe and the US; the second largest group of buyers were from southeast Asian countries; the top 10 countries and regions of buyers were: Hong Kong, the US, Germany, Australia, Italy, Japan, France, Taiwan, the UK, the Netherlands. During the preparation stage of the fair, our project team members travelled far to exhibitions in Atlanta of the US, Birmingham of the UK, Frankfurt of Germany to promote the fair and invite buyers. Their effort were paid back by the growing brand power of Jinhan Fair for Home&Gifts in the overseas markets.


R+W (RIFFELMACHER & WEINBERGER), a German company which has more than 90 years’ history of importing seasonal decorations and gifts is a loyal visitor of the fair. Frank, the manager of R+W said on the fair: “ This fair is of critical importance to our procurement. We spend at least two full days each time every year here to find quality suppliers to buy huge amounts of products.”


Trendfleur is a renowned distributor of flowers and holiday gifts which owns more than 20 shops in Germany, Austria and Sweden. Kristin, the market&account manager said: “ We have come to JINHAN FAIR for 7 years consecutively. The fair has gathered the most important home&gifts manufacturers in China, it plays an essential role in our procurement.”


The most influential Chinese manufacturers of Home & Gifts exhibited themselves on the fair. Rixin Ye, the general manager of Fuzhou Yunfei Home Products Co., Ltd with 27 years’ of history in the JINHAN FAIR said when being interviewed: “ JINHAN FAIR knows how to provide services from the angle of customers, it manages to attract extremely high-end and professional customers to our booth. Moreover, we have received more european buyers this year compared with the previous year. On the first day of the fair, there were already many German and French customers to our booth.” Xiong Zhang, the general manager of Zhongshan Mingfeng Lights Co., Ltd said: “ Europe has been our major market. However, we see the increase of customers from Americas ever since we join JINHAN FAIR. In 2012, our sales volume doubled, our recognition among the overseas customers is also increasing.”


JINHAN Fair for Home & Gifts is held by Guangzhou Poly Jinhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. It has already become the most important exhibition of home&gifts export trade in China. The 28th autumn fair will be held on 21st, October, 2013 in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall, it will continue to stage an autumn procurement feast for domestic manufacturers and global buyers.

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