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Dining Room Decorations Suitable For Easter


Once the frosts of the early months of the year have subsided and spring has started to get into swing, thoughts often turn to renewal and redecoration. If you are going to take on a small revamp of any part of your home before the Eater holidays, one of the best choices is to make is your dining room. Making over your dining room in time for Easter, particularly if you have friends of family coming over to stay, will give your entertainment a new feel that everyone can enjoy together.

Children like the idea of traditional chocolate eggs more than anything else related to the season, so if you have young kids don’t stray too far from this theme. Nonetheless Easter inspired designs don’t need to be restricted to eggs. There are plenty of other visual cues that you can use in your dining room that will make an Easter family get together feel utterly distinct from a Thanksgiving or a Christmas dinner. If you can, give your dining room a new coat of paint. For the ultimate blank canvas to really set off your Easter decorations go for an off white color for your walls. Then set to work with some springtime show stoppers.

Easter Center Pieces.

Set out your dining table ready for formal dining or an informal buffet style lunch with an Easter inspired center piece that will set the right tone for everything else. Use a tray to make a base for your center piece so that you can easily move it around. Arrange a group of porcelain vases, with daffodils or other spring flowers, in triangular groups of three so that the display works well from every angle. If you have some youngsters attending don’t feel like you need to hold back on the cute factor. After all, your center piece should allow for some fun to be had.

Decorative Eggs.

Kids love decorating their own egg shells. If they have time off school, it makes for a great home craft project to paint some egg shells in vibrant colors. Once completed, arrange your adorned shells in bowls to display them. Add a little straw for a slightly rustic feel. For a more grown up look, take a selection of different colored eggs in their natural state and place them in a random way in a display bowl. Quail eggs and duck eggs look attractive next to traditional hens’ eggs. Alternatively, spray paint some eggs to give them a metallic sheen and place one on each service plate. Eggs can also make for a good center piece choice at Easter time.

Spring Floral Displays.

Anything that is starting to flower in your garden will make for the ideal dining table adornment. It is a shame to pick garden flowers to use indoors. However, if you have a shrub that is blossoming then take some cuttings from it to use with your Easter decorations. If you don’t have anything suitable then try your local florist, who is bound to have some items specifically prepared for the season.

Suspended Decorations.

Don’t just decorate your dining room’s table. Hang some decorations around the room, just as you would at Christmas. Chandeliers, suspended over your table, always look good in the spring light. Make a feature of your lighting by hanging some Easter inspired decorations from it, over the table.

Lenten Wreaths.

Wreaths are another decoration that is not just for Christmas. Wreaths will work especially well if you have pushed your dining table to the side of the room to make space for a buffet style service. Hang the wreath on the wall centrally behind the table to create a new focal point.

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