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Become a Color Connoisseur With Pantone's Pretty Palettes For 2013


According to the PANTONE VIEW home + interiors 2013 book, there are nine color palettes predicted to dominate interior design and furniture trends this year. A mix of muted palettes serve as the new classics while rainbow-inspired colors provoke bolder style statements.

The first palette in Pantone's 2013 lineup, Connoisseur, draws from cool neutrals like alyssum white and beechnut green, contrasted with warmer tones of violets and orchids, liquid pink, and deep mahogany, all set against accents of champagne beige and silver. The palette puts a fresh spin on old-world elegance, with decorative pieces that layer texture. It's refined and sophisticated with just the right amount of understated drama.

Keep reading to check out the other eight palettes and the inspiration behind each!

The Glamour palette conjures the polished sexiness of the art deco era. Rio red, Monaco blue, tap shoe black, chinchilla, ethereal gray, moonmist, and jasper teal make up this color board. Moodier tones definitely dominate.

New Old School is similar to Glamour, replacing the softer neutrals of Glamour with more saturated versions. The look reflects colors commonly found in flags, with a slightly preppy bent. Ribbon red, bright white, sodalite blue, nautical blue, breen, and ultramarine green are combined.

Colors pulling from sunset and sea hues dominate this Rugged Individuals palette. These shades beg for accents like polished leather and weathered wood. Baked apple, goat, prairie sand, and chipmunk are just some of the shades included.

Extracts takes its cue from culinary inspirations, combining spicy colors with fresher shades. The effect is comforting but still includes pops of unexpected color to awaken the palette. Spiced coral, brandied melon, apple cinnamon, dusty pink, and baked clay stand out against tart and green banana.

Footprints celebrates vibrant tribal hues. Tangerine tango, peacock blue, fiery pink flambé, solar-powered yellow, and a green called oasis are some of the colors included.

The Sojourn palette highlights the powerful combination of fuchsia and olive tones, softening it with rosy shades like foxglove and more mysterious notes of plum.

Surface Treatments takes brilliant ocean shades and tempers them with cloudy tones like tornado gray. My favorite contrast comes with the warm doses of metallic notes like medal bronze.

Out of the Ordinary features candy-color hues that encourage quirky and whimsical design. Colors like bonnie blue, pureed pumpkin, and chocolate truffle anchor sweeter shades like bright violet and rosebud.


Have you been seeing these trends yet? Or are you thinking of picking one for your own project?


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