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Home Decoration Trends for Winter 2013


The last season of a year, winter is widely considered to be the most important season by lots of retailers because it is a traditional holiday season. Lots of new trends for home decoration will emerge during this season. In this brief report, Decogo brings to you our latest forecasts of 5 home decoration trends for winter 2013 including Classic Holiday, Holly Jolly, Oh Christmas Tree, Wood Walk and Winter House. Check out these trends for a joyous season!

Classic Holiday

The classic Christmas green and red bring home warmth during this cold winter season. Rooms accessorized with decorative crafts and gifts are warm welcoming place for family gatherings. Elements such as clips, buttons, sequins, linen ropes, hollies, flakes, deer, stellate and heart shapes, houses, hollow patterns, silhouette patterns as well as materials and finishes such as kraft paper, felts, woven, knits, glazed ceramics, glitters, electroplate and plush are essential to enhance the classic holiday feelings.

Holly Jolly

The Holly Jolly trend focuses on bright and vibrant colors. Joyous words, bright colors and dazzling illuminations are all contributing to a merry Christmas atmosphere for kids. Elements such as dots, geometric patterns, colorful stripes, silhouettes, deer, texts and fonts, Christmas trees, snowmen, red birds and illuminations are very important. Finishes and materials such fleeces, felts, glitters, paillette, electroplate, jingle bells, ribbons and glazes are ideal choices to build up the fairy world of Christmas.

Oh Christmas Tree

This theme focuses on the traditions of Christmas tree and related elements to remind people that Christmas is on approaching. It is time to throw ourselves into decorating Christmas trees and wish other a traditional merry Christmas. Elements such as gift wraps, Christmas tree decorations, hollies, check patterns, jingle bells, greeting cards, baubles are important. On the other hand, finishes and materials such as glitters, electroplate, woven, diamonds, gold foils, velvets, rattans and bronze are commonly used to enhance decorative effects.

Woods Walk

The charms of forests and the woods during winter season inspire the dreams of living in green and natural environments. The woods walk trend refines colors and elements found in winter forests, to make our homes more natural, comfortable and peaceful. Elements, finishes and materials such as felts, barks, linens, pine trees, nuts, flakes, woven, deer, acrylics, zinc coated sheets, moss, wood and other natural materials are crucial elements to enhance these feelings.

Winter House

The Winter House trend is more oriented towards everyday products. Grey tones, industrialized designs and the elaborative matches of wood, metal and recycled materials are employed to set up relaxing and comfortable homes that one can sit on the chair with a cup of hot tea to enjoy his cozy life next to a warm fireplace. Elements, finishes and materials such as texts and fonts, Christmas trees, clinch bolts, gift wraps, heart shapes, raw wood, classic check patterns, glitters, electroplate, felts, hides, furs are all essential to decorate a winter house.

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