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Color Trends in Spring Summer 2025/26: Embracing a Positive Lifestyle


The combination of versatile vibrant tones and dependable classic hues creates stunning moments, welcoming a more positive way of living. The selected colors for this spring and summer season evoke a sense of nostalgia while expressing the shift towards a more positive lifestyle. This color palette is filled with nostalgic and familiar tones that open the door for exploring creative potential and reimagining the future. As the desire for personal self-expression becomes the core of fashion, embracing this new era brings forth joy and comfort conveyed through colors.




Section 01
Embracing the Joy of Plants


Under the vibrant color theme of "Embracing the Joy of Plants," we showcase the wonders of the botanical world. By seamlessly blending natural colors with interior decor, this theme brings a lively and joyful home experience. Adding green accents from plants instantly connects you with the power of nature. The vitality and growth they represent breathe life into your home, creating a serene and comfortable ambiance. Whether it's in the living room, bedroom, or office space, plants offer a unique sense of tranquility.


Section 02
Pursuing the Abundance of Nature


In the color theme of "Pursuing the Abundance of Nature," we present the richness and vitality of the natural world. Inspired by nature, this theme promotes sustainability and environmental consciousness, integrating natural elements into your living space to create an eco-friendly atmosphere. We recommend choosing home products made from certified organic cotton and renewable materials as a foundation of sustainable materials. These materials not only contribute to environmental preservation but also add a touch of natural texture and aesthetics to your home.


Section 03
Colorful Variations of Florals


In the color theme of "Colorful Variations of Florals," we showcase the infinite charm and diversity of flowers. Drawing inspiration from flowers, this theme creates a vibrant and elegant atmosphere by bringing the beauty and colors of flowers into your living space. Flowers can be incorporated not only as decorative items in vases but also in various elements such as home textiles, wallpapers, and carpets. Through floral patterns and prints, you can create a home environment that is full of personality and charm.




Section 04
Exploring Cutting-Edge Challenges


In the color theme of "Exploring Cutting-Edge Challenges," we present innovative and forward-thinking design concepts. Inspired by cutting-edge technology and futurism, this theme creates a captivating atmosphere that challenges traditional norms, transforming your living space into an experimental ground of futurism. Consider using futuristic home decor and furniture, such as streamlined furniture designs, metallic-finish lighting fixtures, and transparent materials. These elements add a sense of technology and innovation to your space.



Section 05
Seeking the Pacific Countryside


In the color theme of "Seeking the Pacific Countryside," we showcase the serenity and rustic beauty of the Pacific coastline. Drawing inspiration from the ocean and nature, this theme creates a relaxed, warm, and cozy ambiance that brings the beauty and tranquility of the Pacific into your living space. Consider using natural materials and rustic home decor, such as wooden furniture, linen, and cotton textiles. These elements add a sense of simplicity and warmth, creating a home environment that embraces nature.




Section 06
Immersed in the Oceanic Fantasy


In the color theme of "Immersed in the Oceanic Fantasy," we present the mystery and tranquility of the ocean's beauty. Inspired by the deep sea and underwater world, this theme creates a mystical and dreamy atmosphere, bringing the charm and wonder of the ocean into your living space. Additionally, select decorative items and home products with gemstone hues and sparkling effects, such as crystal ornaments, mirrored furniture, and exquisite dinnerware, to add luxury and enchantment to your space.


Section 07
Travel Consciousness, Enlightened Colors


In the color theme of "Travel Consciousness, Enlightened Colors," we showcase the allure of travel and the enlightenment it brings to the soul. Drawing inspiration from nature and culture, this theme creates a calm and introspective atmosphere, bringing the wisdom and experiences of travel into your living space. Consider using sustainable materials and natural-textured home decor, such as bamboo furniture, organic cotton textiles, and recyclable decorative items. These elements add a sense of environmental consciousness and a harmonious coexistence with nature, creating a consciously designed home environment.


Section 08
Natural Flow, Colorful Dance


In the color theme of "Natural Flow, Colorful Dance," we showcase the beauty of organic curves and fluidity found in nature. Inspired by natural forms and organic structures, this theme creates a soft and elegant atmosphere, bringing the harmony and flow of nature into your living space. Consider using organic-shaped and streamlined home decor, such as curved furniture, flowing lighting fixtures, and textiles with intricate patterns. These elements add a touch of elegance and fluidity to your space, creating an organic and comfortable home environment.




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