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Bringing new made-in-China products to overseas buyers


The 48th Jinhan Fair For Home and Gifts(JINHAN FAIR for short )kicks off in Pazhou, Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong province on Oct 21. Nine hundred leading manufacturers in the home and gifts industry made a stunning appearance with tens of thousands of trendy new products, attracting more than 50,000 professional buyers from more than 160 countries and regions.
As a globally renowned one-stop sourcing fair with 900 manufacturers for more than 20 years, the JINHAN FAIR keeps connecting global buyers, delivers high-quality made-in-China products to all corners of the world, and promotes the home and gifts industry to the mid-to high-end global value chain.

Steady quality improvement: demonstrating the resilience and vitality of made-in-China products

In the challenging and complicated current foreign trade market, China's manufacturing enterprises are increasing investment in innovation, research and development (R&D), and market expansion to continuously enhance their comprehensive competitiveness. As for the home and gifts industry, with the JINHAN FAIR as a window, the unremitting efforts of the manufacturers in lean R&D and the innovations and upgrades occurring in China's home and gifts manufacturing industry, as well as their resilience and vitality in the face of adversity are recognized and greatly appreciated. 

For example, Fuzhou Minqian Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. responds to the challenges with the concepts of "keeping" and "outstanding". Besides "keeping" customers with cost-effective conventional models, they also "keep" abreast of cutting-edge design trends to improve the accuracy of sample development and ensure "outstanding" competitiveness through product differentiation.

Meanwhile, representatives of Taizhou Huangyan Xuyin Import & Export Co., Ltd. have traveled to Europe several times this year. It took initiative and strong communication with customers about their product development needs for the company to successfully develop new samples that better meet overseas market demands.

Moreover, many enterprises have adopted the transformation strategy of improving production efficiency through digital intelligence.

"At present, orders from US lines are generally plummeting, and companies are trying to cut back on expenses to reduce costs while ensuring the competitiveness of new products," said the head of Fuzhou Ivy-Deco Manufacture Co., Ltd. "For instance, in terms of labor costs, we retained some of the core mechanics while replacing manual production with mechanization to improve productivity."

The transformation of traditional enterprises, the innovation of product R&D, and the practice of machinery manufacturing... These stories are a true reflection of the home and gifts industry's efforts to achieve high-end, intelligent, and green development. They also show the confidence of China's manufacturing industry in upgrading itself from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing".
A grand gathering: top overseas buyers arrive at JINHAN FAIR
For over 20 years, the JINHAN FAIR has become a sourcing base for global home and gifts product buyers to find quality new products and optimize their supply chain systems. On the first day of the fair, well-known quality top buyers, including Hobby Lobby, UMA, GIFTCRAFT, Transpac Inc., and Pavilion Gift from the United States; Coach House from the United Kingdom; BOLTZE, GILDE, Woolworth, and TEDi from Germany; Jolipa from Belgium; JJA from France; LI & FUNG from Hong Kong; Nitori from Japan; and Koopman from the Netherlands, arrived on schedule with their sourcing requirements for the new season.
This long-term trust of numerous overseas buyers is based not only on "satisfaction" but also on "optimism". They are satisfied with the JINHAN FAIR's ability to integrate China's high-quality supplier resources and to facilitate trade connections between the home and gifts industries.
UMA of the United States said, "We have worked with the JINHAN FAIR for more than 20 years and have over 30 suppliers here. Every year, we come here to meet our old suppliers and look for new suppliers and products to expand our business. And we have seen a lot of new products that are suitable for our market at this year's event."
Overseas buyers are also very optimistic about the products displayed on the site.
"The products on site are eye-catching in terms of design innovation, craftsmanship, and the use of materials. They feature a combination of both performance and aesthetics," one European buyer commented.
At this year's fair, renowned products such as the light handicrafts of Taizhou, the iron and wood home decorations and furniture of Anxi, the resin and ceramic handicrafts of Quanzhou, the lighting products of Zhongshan, the glassware of Qingdao, and the festival gifts of Shenyang all made their appearances. The products showcased China's rich culture and the nation's innovative approaches to ensuring low carbon emissions and environmental protection during the production of these goods, attracting the attention of many overseas buyers.
Broadening channels to promote trade cooperation
The online exhibition of the JINHAN FAIR has been opened on Oct 9. With a close integration of online and offline fairs, buyers are able to browse and collect interesting items in advance after browsing pictures, videos, and virtual reality displays. Digitalized services such as virtual visits and online source-matching meetings have improved the accuracy of customer acquisition.
As a globally renowned one-stop sourcing fair with 900 manufacturers, the JINHAN FAIR continues to innovate and broaden trade channels against the many difficulties and challenges faced by the foreign trade industry. JINHAN FAIR are committed to bringing more trade opportunities for exhibitors and buyers, promoting made-in-China products globally at an accelerated pace and helping Chinese manufacturers become more competitive.


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