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2023~2024 Autumn & winter




How will young people think and behave in 2024? This report explores and reveals the global drivers of change as well as the emerging trends transforming how Gen Z and Millennials will approach work, travel, food, gaming and shopping in the future.

We live in a liquid society; a period in time where the concepts of identity and individuality are becoming more and more elastic.



While COVID-19 and climate change feel like perpetual and insurmountable threats, other hidden dangers lie in the dark. Democracy is declining and income inequality is widening, creating stark divides and building a dangerous idea that divides nations, communities, and even families – the concept of the “other.” More than ever, there is no consensus in  reality. The solution to many of these issues lies in an understanding and appreciation of how deeply embedded with others we are and our environment. Young people today have a more discerning eye than previous generations, and recognize the intersectionality and interconnectedness of the problems at hand. 



In 2024, a social, political, and environmental tipping point will drive people to drastically reform and rewire their world. From reinventing the notion of work and challenging the current growth narrative, to reshaping societal norms and developing entirely new digital realities, this report outlines the emerging mindsets and movements unfolding in the next few years.







The winter season may signal the end of the year, but most often, the nostalgic feeling it brings us can’t be explained with simply uttered words. The visual helps to ease our need to express ourselves. You may see a whole new set of winter elements, such as the rise of the new color palette, all over the platforms that best represent winter. It is accompanied by some memories, longing, and solitude, but even though it expresses a cold visual, it is not always the case. Winter may also represent thanksgiving, holiday celebrations, get-togethers, and even the excitement of a new beginning.





Here is a new season to celebrate! Winter is here, let’s chill with some new aesthetically pleasing graphic arts. The magnificent feelings and relaxing vibes that these winter visual trends give off have a unique appeal.





Unlike summer, winter may not be the happiest season. For some, it can give us a vibe of feeling lonely. It can have a negative or positive impact on your audience, depending on their feelings, life experiences, and mood. You can usually see a shade of purple in some designs. It does give the effect of unexplained sadness, but not to the extent that you feel pain. This kind of vision may represent a deep emotion backed up by history and memory. Most designs use a cold tint and a single person with a frigid expression, symbolizing a desire to withdraw from society and ponder the present.





When we think of hope, we think of warm emotions, but consider how this symbol is associated with the winter season. In this season, hope sounds like a rebirth. It will be the end of the year, and the majority of individuals will have set these life-changing goals. It’s as if a sequence of thoughts has been stated to usher people into a new set of chapters in their lives. It’s an opportunity for most people to start a new beginning



The digital era


The combination of violet with red undertones and blues also, represents the transformation of the physical and digital world. This transformation has emerged following lockdowns and isolation which has meant the digital world has taken a new place in our lives. This shift is seen in many areas including in digital art, the NFT phenomenon and the rise of the Metaverse.







Sustainable and environmentally friendly design is an important trend for future product packaging designs. As public awareness of environmental protection has grown rapidly in recent years, major retailers and brands are keeping up the pace and paying more attention to the sustainability of their products.







Pink is a strong expression of the freedom of love, energy, and a social community. Pink is a color of curiosity and creativity, a feeling and a way of life, an existing form filled with vitality. It demonstrates an unconscious state that the mind is no longer limited by reality desires.




Back to the classics



Blues and neutral colors such as gray, white and black work perfectly on any holiday home decorations. Small home décors of minimalism style are perfect for smaller spaces and apartments.




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