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Color Trends for Fall 2013 Home Interiors and Decorations


Fall has brought new themes and selling points for products in home sector. In this forecast, we bring to you the latest trends in home interiors and decorations, to show you this special and different season. We are looking at hot themes such as the fall season, vintage industrial age, Halloween and holiday decorations, with emphasis of seasonal transition and setting up steady and happy environment at home.

Trending Themes

Industrial Age

Industrial Age is of a vintage theme for everyday products in autumn and winter that represents simplicity, practicality, steadiness and safety, which are consistent with the feelings of fall. Symbols of the industrial age include machinery, gears, tools, technical drawings, numbers, letters, and toolbox. Zinc, tin, stainless steel, iron, corrugated board, blackboard, car wood, rust, splints, cotton are ideal materials and finishes to invoke these feelings.


The fairyland in fall is even more mysterious. Stepping inside the forest to reveal its secrets is so breath taking. Symbols of this theme include insects, wild animals, plants and faeries. Moss, fur, feathers, leather, rattan, bark, leaves, stones and rusty are ideal materials and finishes to invoke these feelings.

Charming Fall

Fall is a season of lives’ alternations, some prosper, some decline. Fall symbols include fruits, seeds, plant patterns, rattan, grass, leaves, pumpkins and maple leaves. Felt, leather, wood, electroplating, printing, metal oxide, flash powder, weaving, glaze are ideal materials and finishes to invoke these feelings.


Halloween has always brought fun and joy to this season. Typical Halloween symbols include candy, Jack-o'-lantern, costumes, geometry patterns, dots, black cats, ghosts, spider and silhouettes. Transparent glass, paper, plush, glitters, felt cloth, mesh cloth and color paintings are ideal materials and finishes to invoke these feelings.

Midnight Phantom

The Halloween reverie of walking through the gloomy and horrific surroundings into a glamorous midnight is so seductive and tempting. Elements such as classic and retro decorations, clocks, chandeliers, skeletons, skulls, black roses, classic feminine patterns, spiders and potions make this theme more charming. Yarns, feather, glitters, lace, silhouette, velvet, diamonds, antique silver and color black are ideal materials and finishes to invoke these feelings.

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