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10 Furniture Trends to last in the next year from the A’Design Award 2021-2022


#1 Curvy Furniture


Already listed in this post, the curvy furniture is the big trend for design this year but probably will last in 2023 as well. Spaces need to be more flexible, open, creative, unique – new shapes are appearing and replacing the straight lines that has been on trend for so long



#2 Textured


After the pandemic, we are all rediscovering the value of many things – one of those things was for sure the value of touching things. Tactility has totally been rediscovered as a way to add value, coziness, originality into interiors, and translated into many different new materials and solution sin furniture design



#3 Floating


When you say “floating furniture” it means moving all your furnishings unto the centre of a room, leave a foot or so of space between them and the walls. You do so in order to make a more flexible space, to be able to decorate walls in the ways you prefer, to move furniture whenever you want – to make a more fluid layout, definitely different from the traditional layout based on furniture leaned on the walls. Hence – the shape and design if furniture is definitely changing!



#4 Swivel


As a consequence from point 3, furniture has no longer one favorite side to be used- seen, but ideally could be used on 360 degrees. Hence,  swivel furniture and other kind of movable/routable furniture will be explored more and more by designers in the next years



#5 Japandi


Yes I know this is not a new trend ( can you imagine I wrote about japan back in 2017? ), but if I would invest now in one style, I would say this. Because I believe blending Eastern and Western design is something that will last very long, probably also with many new influences from other Countries ( see China and Korea, for example ).




#6 Upcycled


Re-cycling and up-cycling, repairing and reusing, are definitely the words of this and the next years. The furniture design to be more circular, starting from new material technologies, but also to a new approach to the design process itself.



#7 Personalization


Think about the new Avant Basic style trend, for example. It’s all about decorating home in the most personal way, making it fun, unique, yours – definitely, the youngest generations feel more than us the need of creating personal and unique spaces to live. Hereby, furniture design should adapt to these needs – by becoming unique.



#8 Comfort & Wellness


New technologies and ways to make furniture always more comfortable, because comfort means wellness and we all know how important personal wellness is – talking both about mental and physical wellness. Wellness means also meeting the different needs of a family – a simple example, this duvet can be settled according to the different temperature preferences of the couple!



#9 Design for Pets


According to the Pinterest trend predictions of 2022 that we say in this post, another rising trend in furniture design is pet design! Pretty fun and still not so explored kind of furniture design, right?



#10 Playful & Unique


So definitely, let’s prepare for years of more fun, unique and unseen kind-of furniture design!



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