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Top 5 Supply Chain Risks for 2022



Everstream Analytics, a supply chain risk analytics provider, has released the Everstream 2022 Risk Report, which outlines the top 5 supply chain risks that global companies should prepare for in the next 12 months.


Everstream Analytics monitors up to 1,500 potential supply chain disruptions every day, then uses artificial intelligence and expert analysis to identify patterns, understand context and make accurate predictions that are meaningful to each customer network.


“Pandemic shortages have revealed the global supply chain’s fragile interdependence, pushing companies in every industry toward comprehensive risk assessments and flexible response plans,” said Julie Gerdeman, CEO, Everstream Analytics. “We developed the Everstream 2022 Risk Report to provide advice and commentary on where to double down on risk mitigation efforts to keep supply chains stable.”


Below is a quick summary of the top supply chain risks to watch in 2022:


1、Worldwide Water Instability: Two thirds of the global population will face water shortages by 2025. A steady water supply is necessary for production and cooling equipment for pharmaceuticals, tech products, paper, garments, food processing, and other manufacturing industries.


2、Ocean Freight Bottlenecks: Facing record low-inventory levels, strong consumer demand, and ongoing COVID-19 impacts on logistics and workforces, the global ocean cargo industry will continue to suffer from port congestion and delays in 2022.


3、The Continuously Changing Workplace: As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 spreads across the world, the risk of infection will force companies to reassess how workplace safety and worker compensation to avoid the risk of long-term disruptions from industrial actions or outbreaks of disease.


4、Just-in-Time Shifts to Just-in Case: As the pandemic exposed flaws in “just in time” inventory systems, businesses have been exploring a shift to the “just in case” model, increasing buffer and safety stocks of critical components or best-selling products.

Increased Regulatory Scrutiny: Sustainability disclosure and reporting requirements for businesses continue to gain momentum amid scrutiny from governments, investors, and customers alike. Further regulations impacting global supply chains will likely be enacted in 2022.

For an expanded analysis on each of these risk factors, download the full report here.

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