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Experimenting with the cloud – opening of the Jinhan Fair online exhibition


The Jinhan Fair officially kicked off online on June 18 with 900 Chinese home decoration and craft manufacturers participated, bringing almost 20,000 high-quality trendy products to compete online. 50,000 foreign buyers were invited to embark on a smart procurement that integrated online and offline processes, and included a rich variety of content with 200 live broadcast events, where they could explore numerous business opportunities.



Competing in new online business mode – exhibitors use digital platform to showcase strength


Unbounded by the space limitation of offline physical display, exhibitors employed a variety of methods to highlight their strength, including videos, Virtual Reality (VR), pictures, etc. Companies such as Quanzhou Qingyi uploaded thousands of products to woo buyers with their diverse product offerings.






Companies such as Shanghai Hengqi focused on sharpening the quality of their images and videos. According to Shanghai Hengqi, “the purpose of our participation in the online Jinhan Fair is making use of the digital platform to convey our understanding and approach to the concept of beauty.”


Enthusiastically embracing the unknown – visitors worldwide experience cloud procurement


The first day of the Jinhan Fair online exhibition (i.jinhanfair.com) welcomed the attendance and interaction of many foreign buyers.

Amongst them, the European Lifestyle Association (EVL) – with nearly 200 members – participated in the online exhibition as a group, and livestreamed analyses of the latest trends in consumer products in Germany and Europe. German retailer, TEDi, also released detailed procurement requirements and product quantities to all exhibitors via the cloud.



All hands on deck – “context marketing” live broadcasts drive business opportunities


Live broadcasts within the B2B home decoration and gifts industries were more focused on “context marketing”, where attention was paid to details such as the theme and layout of the live broadcast studio, product display, and patter, so as to create realistic product use scenarios for buyers. Many foreign merchandisers were transformed into hosts during live broadcast, introducing products to the camera in English. They painted a vivid picture to their online audience, regardless of whether they were providing information on craft, color-matching, materials, factory workshops, production processes, etc.,





Company representatives said, “Our sales team is all hands on deck as they hoped to better connect with more customers”.


The wise change their ways according to time and circumstance. The Jinhan Fair online exhibition was rolled out in response to the challenges of the current epidemic. It also represented an active attempt to integrate online and offline developments, and present innovative exhibition service models. In the following six days, there will be more exciting news from the Jinhan Fair online exhibition, so stay tuned!


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Jinhan Fair Online Exhibition


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