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Predicting the Unpredictable Spring Holidays


Spring is perhaps the most unpredictable time of the year. When it takes a groundhog to predict spring and a moon phase chart to predict Easter, timely displays and product offerings will help consumers keep their footing from one month to the next. Seasonal home décor and greeting cards can remind consumers which holidays are around the corner — and that there's no time like the present to make preparations. To help retailers get ready for the spring holidays, here's what's trending and why for Easter, Mother's Day and graduation gifts.



Easter: Beyond Bunnies

Despite study after study that notes declining rates of religion in Millennials, younger consumers will, on the whole, be observing Easter. After all, for reasons religious and secular, Easter has become synonymous with a celebration of spring. Many adults aged 18-34, regardless of how strictly they adhere to tradition, will use their day off to visit with family, have a special meal, exchange gifts or attend a church service. With Easter gatherings in mind, appetizer plates and serveware will be in demand, especially those with either general spring or minimalist bunny decorations. In fact, the NRF reported that 42 percent of consumers would buy home decorations for Easter. New decorative accessories can make a home feel new and refreshed after a long winter and a deep spring cleaning. Coastal-themed home accents will make a comeback this year, bringing the suggestion of a fresh breeze and anticipation of warmer weather.


Since the celebration takes place on April 12 this year, just less than a month before Mother's Day, retailers should be quick to set out their displays of spring-themed wrapping paper, cards, table decorations and fashion accents. Focusing Easter displays primarily on floral and spring-themed finds makes for an easy transition into the Mother's Day holiday.



Mother's Day: More than Just a Card

An oft-quoted statistic is that Millennials are more likely to spend money on experiences than on things, and this is true too of their gifting habits. Expect younger demographics to buy their mothers things that can't be gift-wrapped, like a massage or a special dinner.


Despite this trend towards intangible gifts, the greeting card has held its place as an immutable staple of the holiday. Perhaps because they are a convenient and attractive vehicle for gift certificates and cash, it is as essential as always to stock up on greeting cards. According to a survey by the NRF last year, 75 percent of consumers planned to buy greeting cards for Mother's Day. The selection of stationery is as diverse as ever, and a variety of new card designs gives the selective buyer a multitude of options. Cards can range from sincere appreciations of maternal love, decorated with artwork pretty enough to merit a spot on the fridge, to irreverent humor about the pains of parenting.


Jewelry and fashion accessories continue to be popular choices as well. As they're easy to match with every style and mood, necklaces and earrings remain the most popular choices for jewelry purchases among every income bracket.  Mother's Day is another holiday that perpetually falls on a Sunday; this year it will fall on May 10.



Graduation: Cheering On the Class of 2020

Some grads feel confident about their bright futures, and others are quaking in their polyester gowns. No matter what diploma they’re receiving, or where they're headed next, graduates all have one thing in common: they've worked very hard to walk across the stage, and they deserve congratulations. Unlike other holidays, graduation only happens a few times in a person's life, which means that graduates' families will want to make it memorable.


Nothing says “I’m proud of you” or “I believe in you” like a heartfelt gift. Popular gifts include stationery that bears encouraging messages, novelty notebooks and encouraging to-do lists. One popular choice is topic-specific notebooks, which guide their writers through the journaling process. Gifts like memory books, idea books and dream books help even the messiest young grad to organize their thoughts.


Cash will always remain an ever-popular graduation gift — and many givers prefer to dress it up in a hand-selected greeting card. Like with Mother's Day, these cards will range from sentimental to witty, depending on the personality of the gift-giver. Popular for 2020 are inspirational cards and gifts—empowerment and you-go-girl attitudes are as contagious as ever.

On the flip side, many graduation gifts are functional — something to help with the journey ahead. Some lucky graduates receive new technology to aid them as they go out into the world; this can be an opportunity to sell fashionable tech accessories, like phone cases. Another popular option is anything sufficiently grown-up looking that says, “I'm an adult now!” Leather accessories and sophisticated stationery can help grads look and feel like they know what they're doing.



Source: giftsanddec


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