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Achieving an Export Growth of 300 Million CNY in 5 Years See How this Enterprise from Zhejiang Captured the US Market


If you want to connect art with life, decorative paintings are undoubtedly an excellent choice. Five years ago, with the hope of exploring a broader market in the world, Zhejiang Wadou Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. entered JINHAN FAIR. Now, Wadou has become the largest export supplier for decorative paintings in China.

This October, the company will participate in the 10th JINHAN FAIR. Unsurprisingly, a group of “old friends” and “new partners” will visit their booth.


Joining JINHAN FAIR to Enter the US Market

JINHAN FAIR was not the first station of Wadou. The company had been exhibiting at a fixed platform before. In 2014, it decided to adjust market strategies to enter the US market. After some investigations, it learned that among domestic exhibitions, JINHAN FAIR owned the richest and best resources of foreign trade in the industry of home and gifts, so it decided to move here as the “main battlefield”.
This decision of Wadou was not just a whim. Mr. Li Daiyi, Design Director of the company, recalled that before entering JINHAN FAIR, they had visited the venue for many times to learn about the number of visitors, the fees, the quality of exhibitors, the quality of exhibition services, etc. They were surprised to find that JINHAN FAIR possessed unparalleled customer resources, as well as caring and humanized services, which were beyond the reach of other platforms. For the 1st participation, Wadou applied for a booth with an area of nearly 1,000 m2.



As we all know, booths of JINHAN FAIR are in short supply, so that appliers queue up all the year round. The application for the area of 1,000 m2 reflected Wadou’s acceptation of and trust on JINHAN FAIR, and that the former had recognized the latter as the leader of the industry.


Wadou was the first exhibitor with oil paintings as featured products in the history of JINHAN FAIR. Mr. Li Daiyi recalled, “In the beginning, we were worried to lose our old customers after moving here, but the worry disappeared soon.” Not only the original customers followed them, but JINHAN FAIR also brought them many new ones.



The high quality products of Wadou have enriched the forms of exhibits at JIANHAN FAIR, while the rich client resources of the latter has brought the former a steady stream of business opportunities into the US market.


Seeking the Same While Reserving Differences to “Outshine” at JINHAN FAIR


In the past 5 years, Wadou’s trade volume has been increasing by 20% every year. Mr. Li Daiyi said that before participating in JINHAN FAIR, their trade volume in the European market accounted for more than 70% of the total. In the past 5 years, the US market has come to the top, accounting for more than 60%. Last year, the annual output value of Wadou exceeded 400 million CNY, of which the exports in the US market reached nearly 300 million CNY.

How did Wadou open up such a huge US market in just 5 years? The company has its own understanding. They believe that the quality of the platform for foreign trade is of great significance to the development of the enterprise. They are convinced that moving to JINHAN FAIR was a correct decision. And they considered that among the dazzling exhibits in various materials, colors and shapes at JINHAN FAIR, exhibitors have to deliberate on how to outshine others.



The distinctive feature of the home creative industry is “seeking the same” while “reserving differences”. For Wadou, the integration of various cultures and the individuality in the integration are exactly the competitiveness of their products. Mr. Li Daiyi said that nowadays, more and more customers are demanding customization and monopoly of pictures, which makes “reserving differences” a key factor to win in the increasingly competitive international market.


Harvesting “Hardcore Fans” with Superior Quality


Although Wadou is capturing the US market steadily, it still owns many “hardcore fans” in the European market, and a female buyer from MAISONS DU MONDE FRANCE, a French retailer, is one of them. At each exhibition, she will visit the booth of Wadou.
With preferably artistic attainments, the buyer has unique insights and ideas on product mixes, colors and compositions, being particularly careful when selecting products. She not only purchases goods, but brings promotional catalogue of her own company and colors in vogue to interact with the designers of Wadou, providing materials and developing guidance for new products.



Her professionalism and precise style have been recognized by designers of Wadou. The cooperation between the two has become increasingly close, and the transaction volume has been increasing year by year. Currently, she has become the largest client of Wadou in the French market. 


Quality products are the starting point and destination of every step of Wadou. No innovation, no design. After opening up new markets at the platform of JINHAN FAIR, Wadou has made its brand more and more eye-catching.


As the business objective of the company goes, “where there are decorative paintings, there is Wadou”, we hope that where there are home and gifts, there will be enterprises accompanied by JINHAN FAIR. For the next 20 years, let us continue to pursue perfection hand in hand.

On October 21-27, 2019, the 40th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts will be held at the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo.Should you have any query, we are glad to extend help at marketing@jinhanfair.com or you may reach us by a phone call to 0086-20-89308925. 
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