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International Home & Interior Trends for Spring Summer 2018


Discover our latest home and interior trends for Spring-Summer 2018! These four specially curated themes will refresh your home and inspire you to create your own world.

Organic Life

Feelings: Look for little things that would bring wonderful experiences to life from the nature, to explore a harmonious and symbiosis future. A sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle that people treasures the nature.

Colors: Draw inspirations from the natural colors of botany, rocks and minerals, couple them with the refracted light of precious stones, to create a natural and vivid feeling.

Elements: Flowers and birds, watercolors and colors of dessert are the iconic elements of this theme.

Material and Finishes: Stone, cotton, linen, raw wood, embossed plants, can be matched with smooth metal velvet and other soft and comfortable fabrics. These organic materials enhance people’s feelings of a beauty life.

Exploration of Art

Feelings: New explorations and applications in the abstraction and neutrality of art, and the emphasis of individual personality may bring a more modern style to products.

Colors: Romantic retro colors can be creatively mix and match to highlight the characteristics of deepen shades, and reflect the pursuing of fashion in modern cities.

Elements: Artistic paintings, Pop Art, color separation and overlapping, single color fruits and vegetables, flowers and texture are important elements of this theme. Innovations burst out and break through the restrains of traditional art.

Materials and Finishes: Try to use crystal and gem fragments, imprints and handcraft finishes, to create a smooth or rough feeling.

Chase of Dreams

Feelings: Don’t let your chase of dreams fade away as time passed. Try to grow your dreams and set direction for your heart, thus to lead you away from the hustle and bustle.

Colors: Indigo, blue, pink, yellow, these natural colors will help create a quiet feeling.

Elements: Watercolors, texts, textures, angels and inspirations draw from plant are the main elements of this theme.

Material and Finishes: Try to use water color, wood grains, cement, lines, splicing, textured fabrics and materials on your product.

Infinite Future

Feelings: The rapid development of modern technology affects the way of human life – faster, simpler and more convenient, which also makes people look forward to the future more than ever.

Colors: Neutral grays bring great inclusiveness to this theme. Match them with other neutral colors to create a more scientific and futuristic feeling.

Elements: Reproduced classic elements, plants, sunshine, ocean, exotic cultures and digital images are the main elements of this theme.

Materials and Finishes: Emphasizes the combination of a variety of materials, try to use cotton, metallic colors and minerals finishes on the products.


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