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Natco Home adds to production capacity


Machine-made rug manufacturer Natco Home is boosting its operating capacity with the installation of its 11th loom here. But unlike its 10 other looms in its Sanford, Maine facility, officials say this one, which it received earlier this month, is different.


“Our new loom is the first of its kind in America” said Executive Vice President Patrick Moyer. “With this new loom we can weave a number of unique constructions focused on indoor rugs, or we can make slight modifications to produce innovative rugs for outdoors.” Moyer said the new loom will give Natco Home the flexibility to be able to switch between popular constructions with varying density, pile heights, and yarn types.


“We have had a team of installers working around the clock to get this loom up and running as quickly as possible,” said Moyer. “We expect to have an initial new line of innovative products to introduce during the New York Market next month.”


With that in mind, the company is introducing a number of new rugs for the upcoming NY Home Fashions Market, including Tonality, a construction that blends eight different types of yarns. Each color of yarn has a unique luster level, twist level, and yarn thickness creating a look and feel that officials say is new to the industry.


“I am very excited about our new Tonality Collection,” said Natco CEO/President Michael Litner. “It is the first time that we have combined eight different types of yarns to create a finish that is visually appealing and also soft to the touch.”


Tonality will debut with 24 new designs and colors.


Additional introductions include:

Structures by Trisha Yearwood will debut for the first time in New York with nearly 30 designs and colors. The rugs boast a 25 mm pile height, and utilizes soft synthetic yarn.


Valor is an expansion of the company’s woven shag collection that hits a very popular price point. Natco is adding 8 new cooler colors that will allow it to introduce some fresh floral designs and updated kilims along with a number of modern geometrics.


Luxury Sisal – The newest construction from Natco Home features the use of its new state of the art loom installed this month. Luxury Sisal will feature natural looks that have complex weave structures usually only found in high priced hand woven rugs.


Rainier – This unique collection will be expanded with a number of new designs and colors. Rainier is inspired by nature, and features designs that incorporate popular landscape themes while utilizing an innovative new yarn system.


Rainier currently has 12 designs, and will be expanded with an additional 12 designs. In addition to these new collections, Natco Home will be adding to its promotional woven and hand-carved collections as well as new offerings in printed rugs, outdoor rugs, and hand tufted shags.



Source from: www.homeaccentstoday.com/article/534723-natco-home-adds-production-capacity

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