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CAUS:Interiors Environmental Color Forecast 2013 - 2014


The Color Association of the United States has recently released its Interiors Environmental Color Forecast 2013 - 2014 to reveal the future color themes and 7 related palettes.

With uncertain times looming in the future; our immediate reaction is to be distracted. We want to be lured away by anything that takes our imagination on a ride as we seek to avoid the realities of life.

For this reason, the Color Association's Interiors/Environmental forecast for2013-14 has a primary theme: "Seduction". Each category was named with this topic in mind and can be related back to it in some way. With this comes a less structured approach to color.

Unusual pairings are encouraged, along with mix and matching of textiles and wall coverings.  That being said, the taste for minimalist design prevails. This does not mean that design has to have an industrial feel, but instead we cultivate an orderly style that has a much prettier sensibility than in previous seasons.

Today's consumer understands more than ever before the relationship between color and light, and how it changes depending on the environment it is used in, thus becoming increasingly aware of color nuances and textures. 

Each of the trends consists of a variety of colors that is anchored by at least one neutral. This way, it is easy to bring bright hues into interior spaces and have them offset by a foundation color that complements the Specific color story.    

Key Words

We compiled a few key words that can be used to quickly describe the year's overall themes and influences.

SEDUCTIVE         RAW     


ROOTED           SENSUAL    

DECAYED          WARM  


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