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JINHAN FAIR in HOMI MILANO: A Display of our Excellent Brand Image


From 11 to 15 September 2015, the project team of JINHAN FAIR has been to Milano, Italy to attend the 2015 International Expo of Home MILANO, HOMI MILANO 2015, on which we sent invitations to over 1,400 home & gift sourcing agents from Italy and other 39 countries, and fully displayed the excellent brand image of JINHAN FAIR as the largest and most professional trading platform of home & gifts in China.

HOMI MILANO presents a wide range of selected products in sectors of household items, home decorations, seasonal decorations, gifts, outdoor & garden, home textiles and kid style. Many exhibitors on HOMI, which are renowned brands in home & gifts industry, including Tognana Procellance S.P.A., MASGANI Italy, Enzo De Gasapri, Avanti and Star S.P.A, have also been major buyers of JINHAN FAIR for years. In view of the uncertain economic outlook of Europe, many companies have actively adjusted in product integration, aiming to provide more products that cater to the market demand, some of which have even achieved “depropagation”. New buyers like Bizzotto Home, Cleto Munari, Fiorira un giardino and Liu Jo have expressed their intention to attend JINHAN FAIR, taking it as a new channel to reach qualified suppliers.

Tognana, an Italian leading importer of home furniture, has been to JINHAN FAIR for 22 times. “JINHAN FAIR not only allows us to seek out traditional foundry suppliers, but also provides us with innovative products that are originally designed by manufacturers—says Parlati Salvatore, Souring Director of Tognana—Each experience of sourcing brings us different surprises. And I think this is how JINHAN FAIR distinguishes itself from other relevant sourcing platforms.” Tognana is going to attend the 32nd JINHAN FAIR on schedule, expecting to get greater rewards.

【The team of JINHAN FAIR with the Sourcing Director of Tognana, Parlati Salvatore

The 32nd JINHAN FAIR for Home & Gifts will give its launch in Poly World trade Center Expo, Guangzhou from October 21st to 27th. This autumn, we are looking forward to your visit!

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