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12 Coffee Table Styling Ideas To Steal


Candlesticks + A Mini Tray

Beautiful candlesticks and tapers add statuesque glamour while a small, delightful tray brings the eye back down to the rest of the action .

A Mini Bar

...Obviously only if you're dealing with an ample-sized coffee table. But if so, why not designate a tray for a select stash of your prettiest barware and cocktail ingredients?

Books As A (Low) Base

We know, we know, you're already styling with (and we would hope: reading!) coffee table books. But instead of stacking them, consider splaying them out in a neat grid and layering the rest of your pieces on top.

Stacked Boxes

Go with a matching set or mix things up. Either way, they lend a major perk: no remote control in sight (but always within easy reach.)

Porcelain Animal + Coral

It makes for a whimsical, subtly sparkly display.

Candle + Gold Urchin

It's sophisticated yet unexpected—plus, a bowl of decorative matches adds utility and an extra opportunity for more patterns.

Double Coffee Tables + A Sculpture

With the right amount of space, two tables can be twice as nice. An eye-catching sculpture adds height and drama.

Succulents + Terrariums

An excellent option if you'd rather skip flowers but want some natural inspiration on the table. (Bonus: No stressing about replacing these guys!)

Rectangle Tray On A Round Table

A completely simple yet effective geometric move: This is especially good for minimalists who still want their coffee table styling to make an impact.

Personal Pieces

They're not just for your nightstand. A beloved piece of jewelry and/or momento, like these calligraphy brushes, add flair that's unique to you.

Crystals + Glass

Crystals get an extra boost from glass accents like a bell jar cloche and magnifying glass. The effect? A down-to-earth glimmer.

A Blanket

Who says a tablecloth is out of the question for the coffee table? Here it adds sumptuous texture and an additional layer of intrigue.


Source: Elle Deco




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