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Brighten up your summer nights with lanterns


Summer nights, warm nights, open air gatherings, ideal for relaxation and leisure. Light influences our emotions, how we perceive space and interact with our environment. Lanterns lit with candles create a warm, romantic and mystical effect.

Whether placed on the ground, on tables, stairs or hung from ceilings, these lights by Gandia Blasco provide a wide variety of possibilities and can be integrated in a completely organic way with any décor. Enjoy summer nights with your favouritecolours. The FEZ and TOUAREG collections include coral and turquoise tones as well as the recently added pistachio.


The FEZ lantern collection is the work of José A. Gandía-Blasco, a work of refined geometric design. Manufactured from lacquered aluminium in a choice of seven colours FEZ is a striking object with clean lines and design detail: its interwoven mesh structure lends a special character to each of the collection’s four constituent pieces.

“The magic needed for providing light for dinner with friends, a party, the garden outside your house, a deserted beach or a romantic scene where the only competition is the moonlight.”


The TOUAREG lantern designed by Sandra Figuerola subtly attenuates the light through its lattice mesh, so evocative of Mediterranean cultures. Available in two versions, TOUAREG is made from lacquered aluminium and is available in seven colours. Its design and the magic of candle lit atmospheres recall the history of the naked flame and the beach parties on the shores of any of the seas or oceans of the different cultures on the five continents.

“A shared vision with this simple volume and its geometric language, universal and contemporary.”



FAROLES is a collection of designer lamps inspired by the magic of candle light. They are the perfect accessory for any GANDIABLASCO collection. Combine them to create a warm ambience on a summer afternoon, in the garden or on the terrace, or even on a cold winter’s morning indoors …

More than just a simple accessory for outdoor lighting its refined and elegant design makes it a contemporary architectural feature. The square lantern is a designer object for outdoors made from anodisedaluminium and coloured methacrylate, in white, orange and transparent, you decide. An exclusive design by José A. Gandia-Blasco for GANDIABLASCO.

“A path of tiny points of light to follow, candles for creating an ambience, an atmosphere, lanterns placed beside a swimming pool, dinner for two…”


Source: Infurma



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