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How to Decorate for the Holidays Like a Pro


For holiday decorating advice, we went straight to the experts. 10 designers and tastemakers share how they get festive.

Gift Wrap Tricks

"I have several tricks that I use each year when the gift-wrapping tasks come along. First, I order wallpaper — more expensive, but, there are amazing pattern options — that I use for my wrapping paper. The wallpaper is a much stronger weight than regular wrapping paper, so there's never any issues with the paper tearing. Second, I love layering ornaments or feathers and antlers on the bows as an extra decoration, sometimes I even double the amount of ribbons." —Scot Meacham Wood

Use Fabrics

"We love incorporating fabrics from your interiors into your tree and holiday decor. Try wrapping gifts in fabrics or using fabric as garland. It is a great way to add an unexpected texture and dimension!" —Jennifer Beek and Georgie Hambright, J+G Design

Classic and Simple

"Keep it simple, you don't need to clutter a mantel or a tree with a lot of excess decor to make your home feel festive. Trimming your tree with similar colored ornaments will tie everything in together and give it a unified look." —Trip Haenisch

Garland Idea

"A roll of gold beads is a great trick for creating a non-perishable garland. Cut the beads to any length and hook holiday ornaments as dense or airy as desired to enhance the glam chain." —David Stark

A Cherished Collection

"My husband Steve's last name means little owl in German, so we have a collection of owl-shaped ornaments. Surround yourself with the people you love and the things that make you smile." —Alessandra Branca


"For me, holiday decor is about tradition. So, I always use materials that remind me of holidays past. One material that comes to mind is magnolia. I love how the deep color contrast of the magnolia leaves mixes so well with wide ribbon and burlap materials. Magnolia wreaths tend to look modern, simple and yet still traditional. They also work well in so many spaces — from atop a fireplace, over a mirror, as a dining table centerpiece, or simply at the front door. Sometimes basic — and meaningful — materials are the most special!" —Sara Story

Homemade Ornaments

"We love the holidays in our house and I'm always trying to find fun and festive projects to do with my girls! This year we used leftover fabric swatches and old party dresses (even my daughter Grace's wool tights!) to make ornaments." —Lilly Bunn

Natural Elements

"We love incorporating feathers into our holiday decor. They add texture softness and an organic element to any floral arrangement, wreath, or tablesetting." —Alison Davin, Jute

Mix Old and New

"Keep things clean and simple. I grew up at the beach and love incorporating what's around us with something old and something new. I always include a wishbone for each of my guests as a sign of hope — open your eyes, open your mind, and open your heart! —Jen Going

Christmas Color Palette

"Pick a theme and color palette. I recommend no more than three colors — think traditional red, green, and gold, scandinavian-inspired with white wood and natural hues or modern with pops of bright colors." —Jason Grant


Source: House Beautiful

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