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2 Beautifully Natural Tablescapes for Holiday Dining


The holidays are a time for gatherings with family and other loved ones. If you’re like our family, you have one set of everything for the dinner table, which sometimes forces you to get creative when decorating. By simply swapping out small details, such as flowers and accessories, you can achieve these pretty tablescapes that can transition from a Christmas gathering to one on New Year's Eve. Each setting features the same tableware, cutlery and table runner, though the two styles are very different. Whether you are going for rustic or contemporary this holiday season, find your inspiration below.

Rustic Modern Tablescape

This fresh take on a rustic tablescape is created through a color palette that marries shades of gray with crisp white, while drawing on wood and natural elements for rustic charm.

The main feature of this tablescape is the stunning centerpiece. Made from fresh flowers attached with twine to a branch, it can be easily re-created following the instructions below.

Simple white dishes and cutlery are given star treatment with a bit of creativity. Create this simple napkin ring by affixing a name tag with twine to a napkin folded in thirds around your cutlery.

Potted anemone blooms sit prettily inside an oversize glass jar. The bark-covered pot offers just enough rustic charm, while the jar makes for a fuss-free and stunning addition to the table.

A mix of white chairs surrounding an oak table gives the setting a Scandinavian feel and paper snowflakes celebrate the season.

Simple Pastel Tablescape

Take a break from the typical green and red color combo, and transition into a calm and soothing palette of pastel pink, soft gray and white. This setting features pretty pastel-hued blooms, shimmery candles and sweet details, bringing a fresh feel to a Christmas or New Year's Eve gathering.

A simple sprig of freesia placed on a white napkin makes an understated adornment for your holiday table.

Tiny ceramic owls inside glass domes add whimsy to this contemporary tablescape.

Create two simple floral bouquets with pink, peach and white roses; white ranunculus; and small pink arum lilies. Arrange your chosen blooms in a tight bunch, tie them together at the stems with twine and place the bouquets in short vases filled with water for a feminine and fresh look.


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