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4 Tips On How To Buy Your Door Knobs With Ideas


Today, you can find a large variety of modern door knobs in modern designs. Door knobs are very useful for everyone specially with children and the elderly.  Modern door knobs are available in many types with different materials such as glass, metal, gold, copper and marble. Whether you are building a new home and in need of door knobs or just replacing your old with new knobs, there are many options of design and finish from which you could choose. Door knobs could be decorative, but at the same time they must serve the basic purpose of providing a way to close and open the doors. Knobs cost from about 7$ for the basic models to over 2000$ for the custom models. Purchase the knob which suits your door and complements the whole style of the room.

Door knobs are very popular and easy to find them, but do you know how to choose the perfect door knobs?! In this topic, we are going to tell you some tips and ideas about how to buy your door knobs. Here are the tips which you should follow:

Make sure that the knob looks right on the door and determine the placement of the knob whether it will go to the right or left side.

Use a tape for measuring the space, height and width of the hole which is available in the door, then look for knobs which fit the measurements.

Before going to shop, Set your budget and determine how much money that you want to spend on the door knobs.

Choose your favorite style from the big variety of door knobs which are available in wood, bronze, metal, gold, co

3pper and glass.

Here are some ideas in images for modern door knobs:


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