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What to never, ever give up when moving in together


A tablescape set

1. Heirlooms. “You should keep vintage china or glassware that was given to you by your parents or grandparents,” says designer Kelly Wearstler. “It's all about curating the table and mixing old spirit with new spirit.”

The main drawing room at the Marsh Island Club in Vero Beach

2. Overly-Feminine Pieces. “Pink and lavender can be great for men, but you’ll need to mix but them with new pieces in camel- or beige-tones to make it all less saccharine,” says designer James Andrew. Same for girly patterns like chintz: “Add some tartan! It will help it look like a place where a couple lives together.” Not on only one person’s terms.

A Manhattan home in perfect harmony

3. Your Partner’s Furniture. At least until you’ve had a conversation about it. “Don’t throw away someone else’s stuff without asking!” says designer Nick Olsen. “You have to approach getting rid of their pieces that you hate from a strategy standpoint.” Try his script for success: Instead of “I’ve always hated this pillow/sofa/chair!” it’s “How do we make our new place the best place possible?”

Stylish barware

4. Home Bar. Just because you’re no longer entertaining dates at home doesn’t mean you should lose your stylish bar accessories. “They transition from your single life to entertaining as a couple,” says Wearstler.

James Andrew's collection of sunglasses.

5. Collections. “If you care about someone, you have to find a way to be open to their ‘thing,’” says Andrew. “Anything that brings you or your partner that much joy deserves to stay, so be considerate and thoughtful.” Truly no place to display it? Choose a few pieces to be out in the open and put the rest in an agreed-upon place.

A sweet dog

6. Your Current Roommates. “Keep your pets,” says Wearstler. But don’t let them feel neglected by the big changes. “They get new beds, too,” she adds. Amen to that.


Source: Elle Deco

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