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2012, JINHAN FAIR Boost Exhibitors’ Win-win Breakthrough


As the preferred platform of Chinese home and gift enterprises to explore overseas markets, JINHAN FAIR has adhered to the philosophy of mutual development and growth with the exhibitors for the last 12 years. While witnessing and making it possible for numerous enterprises to grow from weak to strong, it has also thus created a sophisticated brand image and won valuable win-win solutions along with the enterprises it helped. The European and American sovereign debt crisis since the second half of last year has been weighing on the economy of 2012. The outlook has been unclear since and China’s exports might confront tough challenges. Under such circumstances, the participation of JINHAN FAIR’s representative exhibitors expresses their recognition of the show and a shared goal of seeking more business opportunities through it.

Zhejiang Neeo Home Decoration Co., Ltd., an old client of JINHAN FAIR, has been participating in the show for years. In 2011, its export volume topped in Huangyan’s artwork businesses. In the harsh foreign trade environments, it has successfully maintained its annual export growth rate above 15% through such efforts as intensifying new product development, improving production techniques, strengthening production management and strictly adhering to quality requirements and delivery dates.

Ningbo New star Arts Co., Ltd., who had its debut in JINHAN FAIR in 2011, was able to increase its export volume by 30%, a new record, right in the year over the previous one. According to the company’s key personnel, apart from the product quality, its business breakthrough was inseparable from attending JINHAN FAIR and thus obtaining many good clients and more business opportunities.

In 2012, JINHAN FAIR will, as always, strive to achieve win-win results with its participants and establish itself as a multi-function platform of Promotion, communication and trade with stronger influences to assist the businesses in achieving new breakthroughs.

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