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Canadian Furniture Gets Funky at Straight Line Designs


Walking into the Straight Line Designs studio you can’t help but notice the positive energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved in the process of making this remarkable furniture. And no wonder, Straight Lines products are anything but straight, and they redefine the line between art and furniture. Every piece is completely functional and expresses an exuberant sense of humour — much like Judson Beaumont himself, the man behind all this controlled madness.

Judson’s animated character is evident in every Straight Line Designs creation. There’s the dresser that sits on a ledge with its legs hanging down. “I thought, furniture has to stand there all day, why can’t it sit down for once?” There’s the Little Black Dresser, a strapless gown shaped dresser hanging off a hanger on the wall. There’s the famous Pet Camper, a mini Airstream-esque doghouse that has gotten press all over the world; and then there’s the Canned Bench that looks like a sardine can that has been half opened. This is just a sliver of the range of things that have come out of Judson’s brain, onto a piece of paper and then sprung into life in the studio.

“I draw for an hour and a half every day,” explains the Emily Carr graduate, who didn’t actually start off with plans to become a furniture designer. Notebooks filled with pages upon pages of doodles and brainstorming ideas fill the small sunlit office in the studio, ensuring that the wellspring of ingenious and witty ideas is never going to run dry. With all this rampant, colourful originality being expressed in the studio, you might wonder what Judson’s own house looks like (a happy acid trip? Toontown?), and the answer is quite surprising. “Oh, my house is completely normal. I like to collect my friends’ artwork.”

Straight Line Designs impeccably crafted, sophisticatedly surreal creations can be found delighting children and adults alike everywhere from the Crayola Museum to Disney Cruise Lines to the homes of the rich and (slightly) eccentric from here to Hong Kong and Dubai.


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