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30-Minute Mini Makeovers


Don't believe you can makeover your kitchen in less than an hour? With these ideas you can make noticeable changes to your kitchen -- fast! Take a look!

Quick Cushion Change-Out

Reupholster chair cushions with bright fabric to add a pop of color to your kitchen or breakfast nook. With only a staple gun and a little fabric, you can quickly update your seating.

Outfit for Organization

Make over drawers or cabinets with can organizers and clear storagecontainers to keep contents fresh and help you find what you need. Add easy-to-read labels to help identify each container at a glance.

Create a Gallery Wall

Gather old frames in various sizes, and paint them with sample jars of latex paint -- they're perfect for small projects like this. Mix and match frame sizes and orientation to create an interesting gallery wall.

Storage to the Ceiling

Add shelves to an unused corner of the kitchen for cookbooks, colorful dishware, or other kitchen accents. In a small kitchen, every inch of wall space counts.

Paint a Plain Shade

Add personality to a bland Roman shade with paint. Map out your design (here, a chevron pattern) with painter's tape, and use a roller or paintbrush to apply latex paint to the shade. Allow the paint to fully dry before operating the shade.

Keep Utensils in View

Keep the kitchen tools you use most in plain view. Add a magnetic knife rack and metal shelves for spices and cooking oils. Not only do these additions open up counter and drawer space, they accessorize your kitchen with your favorite tools.

Add a Colorful Rug

Spice up an otherwise neutral kitchen with a colorful rug. Protect your floors and add a dose of personality in minutes. For easy cleaning, try a flat-weave or indoor-outdoor rug.

Try New Shades

Give a tired chandelier a fresh look with new shades. Black shades were added to this chandelier to coordinate with the painted chairs and add drama to the room. Embellish existing shades with ribbon or paint, or swap them out for a completely different look.


Source: Better Homes & Gardens

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