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Landscape Ideas


Landscape ideas provide inspiration, and studies show that upgrading your landscape will add value to your home. Here are some great landscape ideas to improve your home's outward appeal.

•Work with Nature

"Making lemonade out of lemons" is how the homeowner of this boulder-strewn front yard described their landscaping dilemma. Once they found out how expensive it would be to have the huge, native stones removed, they decided to capitalize on the situation by adding even more stones to create a spectacular, low-maintenance rock garden in their front yard.

Landscape idea: By removing their turf and planting drought-resistant alpine plants, they save money by not having to water the area.

•Be Artistic

The owners of this handsome Colonial style home had an artistic vision when they landscaped their front yard. Instead of the traditional lawn and foundation plantings, they chose to use a square pattern that would be repeated in their garden paths, beds, plantings, and outdoor art. It was a simple yet effective way to boost curb appeal and reflect the home’s lovely architecture.

•Add a Private Space

Before you landscape your home, think about how you will use the space. For example, if you want a quiet spot to relax and wind down, rope off a garden corner to create a private retreat. Here, a small piece of ground in the backyard was transformed into a private sanctuary with a pair of tall white trellises surrounding a cozy flagstone patio. The height of the trellises makes the area look larger than it really is and they provide support for colorful vines, such as jasmine or clematis.

•Choose Fences with Care

Always consider your fencing options carefully. Too often, homeowners spend a lot of time and energy on their landscape and the ruin everything by installing a chain link fence that’s more appropriate for a playground than a backyard. On this lot, the homeowners chose a pretty white picket fence and arbor to better reflect their personal cottage style. The fence also supports the flowering trusses of their favorite old-fashioned roses.

•Wind the Walk

Avoid the straight and narrow when adding a walkway to your landscape. Paths should curve just enough to give visitors a sense of anticipation as they walk to your home. Make your walkways about four feet wide. This will allow two people to comfortably stroll side by side to their destination. And, flare your walk at either end to make it more inviting and visible. In this slightly sloping front yard, wide stone slabs encourage visitors to enjoy the flowerbeds as they approach the home.

Mix Materials

Long, narrow lots can be particularly challenging to landscape. But, landscapers mix paving materials that will visually break the space into a series of outdoor rooms. Here, for example, a ribbon of concrete was used to separate two distinct patios. The brick patios also were paved in a herringbone pattern that fools the eye into thinking the space is larger then it really is.

Go Native

Keep Mother Nature in mind when you design your landscape. Look for plants that are native to your region. They'll require less water and be more resistant to insect pests and diseases. Plus, they'll attract local birds and butterflies to your garden. In this border, for example, native bloomers such as butterflyweed, coneflower, baptisia, and helenium thrive in this Midwestern garden without being pampered.


Source: Better Homes & Gardens

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