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Drapery for Modern Interiors


Modern interior design is celebrated for its clean lines and elegance. Quality materials and that sweet spot where form and function meet, is what it’s all about. When selecting drapery styles for modern interiors, think: less-is-more. Here’s what to consider when choosing drapery for your modern home.

Window treatment ideas

Three ideal window treatments perfect for modern homes are:

1. Blinds & shades

The simple, elegant design of shades and blinds make them suited to modern interiors.

Blinds are made from slats, or louvers, that are maneuvered to vary light and privacy. You can raise and lower the blind, as well as adjust the slats. Shades consist of one piece; you can raise or lower it as desired, but there are so slats to adjust.

a) Q Motion’s automated shades are an über-sleek, über-modern option (they can be raised and lowered using your iPhone—how convenient is that?!).

Fabric selection: Good

Hardware considerations: Clean, minimalist; cordless design.

b) Maxxmar’s innovative Opera Shade is another smart window covering for a modern space. Individual sections can be opened or closed for privacy/room darkening as needed, with a sheer backdrop to filter UV rays without losing the view.

Fabric selection: Very good

Hardware considerations: Fabric-wrapped cassette looks like a narrow valance; requires minimal window depth for installation.

c) Roman shades are a nice contemporary-transitional design that allow for extra customization since any fabric can be used, from linen and cotton right through to silk and velvet.

Fabric selection: Excellent

Hardware considerations: Can be mounted inside a window frame or outside; hang pull-cord to prevent choking hazard.

2. Panels

Big in Europe, fabric drapery panels are an increasingly trendy option in North American homes. These custom-made fabric panels run on rails and offer a sleek, layering-friendly look. Panels have a seamless design and showcase fabulous fabrics without the fussiness of folds and draping: all the colour and pattern options of drapery with minimal hardware or excess fabric to compromise your less-is-more aesthetic.

Fabric selection: Excellent

Hardware considerations: Runs on a top and bottom rail system. Can be layered.

3. Ripple fold or S-fold drapery

Ripplefold is a glam option for those who like their minimalism with a bit of extra luxe. These track-mounted systems provide the softness of rippling fabric (including sheers), merged with the perfect symmetry and structure of evenly spaced, identical, non-billowing folds. This option is beautiful for room-wrapping windows—just have the drapery run around the corners.

Fabric selection: Excellent

Hardware considerations: Can be wall- or ceiling-mounted. If you have a tall room, invest in a ceiling-mount track for a swanky ceiling-to-floor-grazing, room-heightening effect.


Source: National Drapery

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