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7 Of The Hottest Home Colors To Use In 2013


It’s a new year and there’s no better time to create a fresh, new look for your home. Get ahead of the spring cleaning pack and start thinking about ways to revive your house before the temperatures start to rise outside. First thing you need to do is think about color choices. And we’ve compiled a quick list of colors that we’re predicting to be the trendiest of 2013 and are sure you rejuvenate your house and your new year.

1. Oxblood.

Last year, oxblood was the color of the fall runways. But, this year it’ll be the color to use in every living room, home office or bedroom. It’s quite a masculine color but it also exudes a refinement that you can’t get from some of the more daintier shades. Mix it with some classic patterns like stripes or zebra. And to dress it up a bit with more femininity by adding some gold tones or home accents.


2. Lilac.

For your daughter’s bedroom or the breakfast nook, lilac is a great choice for a space that needs some cheer. It’s refreshing and can be made to fit a variety of themes and areas. Pairing it with neutrals will create a beautiful, vintage look and pairing it with more vibrant colors will create more eclecticism.


3. Olive.

This shade of green can be used in absolutely any room of the house. It’s relaxing and never harsh yet bold enough to make a statement. You’ll be surprised by how feminine and Victorian a room can looked dress in olive and accented with blush and cream tones. And you’ll  be surprised how great the living room will look with these muted green walls and some leathery brown furniture.

4. Amber.

Take the edge of a harsh yellow and give your bedroom a warmer, golden tone. Amber will enhance the romance in the bedroom or the relaxation in the bathroom if you decide to dress your walls in it. Chocolatey browns compliment it well but so do other neutrals like bright whites and ivories.


5. Rose.

Rosy walls will make any nook or cranny a welcoming escape. Perfect for the foyer or even in the dining room, this pink hue can be blended with a variety of colors to make a room look rich and lush. Use rose in any room where your guests will gather because of its inviting nature.


6. Charcoal.

Paint your walls in a charcoal shade and then bring out your most eclectic pieces. The grey family is the funkiest of the neutral colors, so it’s the perfect way to decorate your home in an out-of-the-box way. With a charcoal wall, accented colors will always pop. Juicy red sofas, chartreuse side tables or even blush tufted chairs will jump right off the wall.


7. Mango.

Not as vibrant as a typical orange, mango walls will be a cheerful surprise to any patio, kitchen or bathroom. It’s rejuvenating and looks great with other bright colors. But my favorite pairing for a mango wall? Navy blue furniture. It matures the mango and looks a lot more fashion-forward.

Source from: Homedit

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