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Christmas Decoration Ideas


Struggling with decorations for Christmas this year?

I know, it's July. The last thing you want to do is think about Christmas. But, it's always good to start a little earlier on the year. It saves the huge rush around Christmas time, and you can ensure you have everything ready for the big day!

In this article, I will share a decor idea that my family and I do ever year. Most people go for reds and greens when it comes to decorating, but my family always go for blue and white. Why don't you try something different this year? Here are some of my suggestions!


'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...'

Have you ever thought about a white Christmas tree?

My family bought their first White christmas tree a few years ago.

Getting the tree in our family is a huge thing. We had been using an old green Christmas tree for as long as I could remember, and it was really starting to show it's age. It was starting to wear away and every year we got it out of the box, a branch would snap off or the "leaves" would fall on the floor and make a mess. (Not real leaves, it was plastic!)

So the time came to buy a new one. My mum wanted to try something different, rather than getting a traditional green Christmas tree, suggested we bought a one a different colour. I, at first, absolutely hated the idea! Christmas trees are supposed to be green! I thought in protest. I was totally against the idea until my mum and I both locked eyes on an white Christmas tree.

It was decorated with silver tinsel, blue tinsel, had blue and white fairy lights, and instead of Christmas baubles, had these very pretty, sparkly silver stars hanging from its branches. We fell in love.

And ever since then, every Christmas, we have decorated our tree and house with blue and white Christmas decorations. It's really original and creates a really nice soothing feel in the room.

Plus, it just looks a lot more prettier and has a lovely winter feel! You don't have to decorate your tree with blue lights, as it's white, you can try any sort of colours. Maybe have a white tree with red and green lights?

Having a white Christmas tree is like having a blank canvas. It's up to you how you decorate it! Experiment with it!


Skittles at Christmas!

Can't decide? Choose all the colours!

I absolutely adore this idea! If you can't decide on one colour, why not try them all? I also love how they have done it with a gradient like effect, it is not very Christmassy but it is so colourful and original.


Get your own white christmas tree!

And get creative!

White Christmas trees are faux, and so are not hard to find. Try something new this year, let your creative juices flow with your very own blank canvas! I mean... tree!

Home made decorations

Rather than plastic bought decorations, go for something a little more close to home.

Like any family, my family have a huge box full of decorations we have accumulated over the years. From store bought, to ones bought at markets, to ones bought online, abroad, home made... we have everything in there!

But I have to say, my favourite kind of decorations are home made. There is something more personal about them and I think they look great on a Christmas tree.

There is plenty ways you can go about getting your own home made decorations. You can either make them yourself or buy them off a site like etsy. Buying them from etsy is a little bit expensive, but you can get some great original decorations.

Personally, I prefer to make them or find some in the markets. I'm not the best at knitting, but I have tried attempts at knitting the odd sock or star with cross-stitching to add to my tree.

So, if you can knit, why don't you try and make your own Christmas decoration this year? Whip out your knitting kit and get to work!


Even if you can't knit, make some with paper!

This has been made with paper, and I think it is so adorable! To make something like this, all you would need is some paper from a craft store, and maybe an online tutorial. A quick search in Google for 'home made decoration guides' will get you on your way!


Source from: Squidoo

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