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Development prospects for 2013 craft gift market trends


Prospects for the development of technology and market trend in 2013

Arts and crafts will be to the brand trend

More and more arts and crafts company recognized brand influence and appeal, in order to avoid disorderly competition, to occupy the dominant position in the market. With respect to some well-funded companies began to brand planning layout, brand development, which is the embodiment of the fairly obvious from the second half of last year, I believe there will be more arts and crafts company to develop in this area, and there will be more products brand.

Pattern of handicraft market segmentation, the details from the start to seize business opportunities

With the development of handicraft industry, along with the intense competition, arts and crafts, think of to do the market from the details, to determine the different market mode of operation by different groups of customers, some companies even give up the original business model, to abandon the original market scope, they put the city field confined to a block, from small start, do some financial products the single finance, doing wedding craft do wedding, and they sought through this single mode to a more refined and better products to do more professional. Then in the whole consumption chain through a single consumer groups, so as to establish a more accurate products supply chain. Also some crafts company through product line to strengthen certain categories of goods advantage and dominant position, such as a promotional artwork, designed to do creative arts and crafts tableware, designed to do crafts pen, do crafts cups, to become a product leader.

Business networking electronic, joined the cooperative store

With the development of the network more and more people to contact and understanding of the network, there are more and more consumers are shopping, consumption through the network way, arts and crafts company also pay attention to this point, the network more arts and crafts store, like Taobao shop also appear constantly, and the ceramic industry website development, such as: Chinese porcelain library network, not only through the network until more benefits, but also through the network more publicity of the brand, so the business networking electronic will tend to consume the development in the future, not only for the handicraft industry.

More stores in the US, this is a necessary stage in the development of handicraft industry at the present stage, by joining through cooperation in all open to cooperation, provide optimal policy attractive for customer service, making all kinds of stores across the country too, through the franchise company not only for the benefits of the company, but also to bring the long-term development prospects, through cooperation, drive the industry chain, to do more thinking for future development of handicraft industry.

Arts and crafts custom: personalized, humanization, creative

Many arts and crafts company not only takes into account the external factors more considering the intrinsic factors crafts, through constant innovation, with a variety of creative, personalized crafts custom to attract consumers, which is a lot more, creative arts and crafts custom to sell, nameless yield is one of the more prominent, product unique, creative, novel, attracted many consumers.

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