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The Consumption Trend Of China Furniture Industry In The Second Half Of 2010


Source from www.selectchina.com

In 2009, China's furniture market suffered some traumas such as price inflation, financial downturn, the real estate market swing and so on, the sale in domestic market fell about 50% compared with the same period last year. In 2010, China is in a post-crisis era and its economy may recover as soon as possible compared with other countries. In the second half of 2010, the consumption trend of furniture industry will develop toward 5 directions. 

First, the consumers enter into the times of full participation. 

Today's consumers comment on the enterprises whether they consume their products or not. Consumers are no longer passive, they want to keep a dialogue with enterprises at any moment, and do not trust the authorities but trust instincts and reputation, which indicate  that the age of produce and sale unity has already been.  

Second, the appearance of low-carbon furniture.  

With the constant deepening of people's cognition on environmental protection, the low-carbon has penetrated every corner of society and even become a lifestyle.  

Third, the healthy consumption will grow up.  

Under the influence of melamine and H1N1, in the second half of 2010 consumers will sharply increase their attention to health and prefer the natural, environmental protection products, so the furniture enterprises setting up a healthy and environment-protected brand image will bring more market opportunities.  

 Fourth, the appearance of exquisite life.  

As for the paint consumers of this stage, it is not necessary to buy the high-end brand furniture to show their exquisite life, but just after some efforts they will get the exquisite living space they want, such as a beautiful and comfortable decorated house, as long as you have the creativity, anything is possible. Through the furniture commodity product it can satisfy the consumption sychology of middle-income consumers who pursuit fashion, and it also accord with their buy ability. The high-end brand of furniture will compete in both high and low-end, in order to meet the spring tide of the entire people's refinement, the world's top furniture brands must adjust the corresponding marketing strategy and launch the products that satisfy the consumer market of next step.  

Fifth, the growing up of women's buying power.  

According to the statistic of China's third census, women are account for 48.7% of our population, in which the 20-50 year-old young and middle-aged women who have strong consumption power and greater impact on consumption account for about 21% of the total population. At the same time some surveys show that women often serve as the role of the chief procurement officer in family consumer behavior. Especially in the household items and other processes, wife plays a leading role.  

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