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Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts: Raising Professional Quality, Witnessing Exhibitors’ Growth


On 21st April, the 27th Jianhan Fair for Home & Gifts (JINHAN FAIR for short) will be held officially at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo. Until now, the fair inviting has been initiated for a month, 90% of the booths have already been booked. Jianhan Fair for Home & Gifts in 13 years’ growth has accumulated more than 600 loyal exhibitors. There are nearly 100 exhibitors who have been with JINHAN FAIR consecutively for more than 10 years, over 300 exhibitors for more than 5 years. The fair has been improving its own professional quality along with exhibitors, meanwhile witnessing the development and growth of the exhibitors.


Fuzhou Hongbo Art Crafts Limited Company from Fujian Province has exhibited in the fair for 5 years. Its export value grows from 2 million US dollars per year to 20 million US dollars per year. The company has expanded rapidly to become a local leading company with top 5 export value. President of Hongbo - Mr. Lin Liqu said: ‘Ever since the company’s founding in 2006, we have been focusing on product innovation and corporate governance; we leverage the platform which JINHAN FAIR provides to contact closely with buyers from the US and Europe. We have since received abundance of orders.” Fuzhou Hongbo Art Crafts Limited Company,a rising star of the art crafts manufacturer in Fujian province has become a loyal partner in the continuous development of JINHAN FAIR. The fair is the inevitable platform of Hongbo’s growth and witness of Hongbo’s success. The 27th Jianhan Fair for Home & Gifts is inviting exhibitors now, it will keep on assisting exhibitors’ growth; establishing a solid bridge of trade and communication between Chinese exhibitors and buyers from around the world.


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