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Boosting Confidence with Exceptional Performance and Resilience: The 47th JINHAN FAIR Successfully Concludes


On April 27, the 47th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts (JINHAN FAIR) concluded successfully at PWTC Expo, Guangzhou.


Fair show


As a prestigious one-stop trading platform for home and gifts, the JINHAN FAIR embraced challenges proactively to create an international trading event for the home & gifts industry with accurate market positioning and strong brand appeal with accurate market positioning and strong brand appeal.



Attracting global buyers
with quality orientation


As foreign trade is still in recovery, we have ramped up our efforts to invite more high-quality international buyers through overseas exhibitions and many other channels, winning wide recognition.

This year, famous brands includingElico (U.S.), TEDi (Germany), JJA (France), B&M (UK), XXXLutz (Austria), BOLZONELLA (Italy), Isalbi (Australia), Coop (Switzerland), and Jumbo (Greece) joined us to provide more possibilities for exhibitors to expand their trade channels and explore new markets.



After a lapse of three years, the buyers and exhibitors greeted each other with enthusiastic hugs. According to GILDE, a buyer from Germany, JINHAN FAIR has brought together top home & gifts manufacturers in China to satisfy the buyers' multi-faceted sourcing needs. The representative of Global Gate, an American buyer, commented excitedly,  "I have found products with stunning design and better quality here, and I had face-to-face interactions with my suppliers, which was so exciting! "


Meanwhile, with more international buyers joining the fair through online sourcing matchmaking sessions and "cloud fair", JINHAN FAIR has become a full-fledged trading platform featuring online-offline integration.


Dazzling cutting-edge
products from pacesetters
For more than 20 years, JINHAN FAIR has been assisting the development of home & gifts enterprises with a global perspective. This year, the organizer maintained its usual high standards and pursued innovation and excellence together with the 900 selected enterprises, demonstrating the high quality of Chinese products and the vitality of Chinese manufacturing to international buyers.

Domestic companies such as Hanka Home, Minqian Arts, Hengtai Crafts & Gifts, Hema Home and Rosa Artificial Flowers introduced many independently-designed new products in line with global trends. They also displayed their products by combining color, category and other elements to create a scenario-based, personalized visiting experience. They proved with concrete actions that the 47th JINHAN FAIR was a wonderful platform for launching high-quality and cutting-edge products, as well as a window on sourcing opportunities and emerging trends for overseas buyers.


Boosting confidence
with exceptional performance
Despite the persistent inflation abroad and weakening customer demand, the 47th JINHAN FAIR exceeded expectations with its high standards for buyers and exhibitors and high-quality services.


As a new exhibitor, Homeway Creative Arts & Crafts did not have high expectations for JINHAN FAIR. However, the company manager said, "The situation is much better than we expected, and I can even say that we have acquired a lot. We have reached out to about 150 clients in the past few days, and some of them have placed orders, while some others have shown strong interest in our products." Moreover, the enthusiasm of the buyers also boosted the confidence of the exhibitors. "The supply chain maturity, the product diversity, the advancement in R&D and innovation, and the pursuit of perfection of China's home & gift industry make us realize that 'Made in China' cannot easily be replaced.. "



As the industry rebounds, we will create a bright future by win-win cooperation. JINHAN FAIR will adhere to its mission and improve its brand strength to fully uncover high-quality buyers worldwide, assist enterprises to expand their trade channels and help get foreign trade back on track. Let’s look forward to the fair's grand return in autumn!


Let’s reunite at the 48th JINHAN FAIR in the golden October!



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