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Pinterest reveals most searched décor trends. You’ll never guess what’s No. 1


Pinterest reveals most searched décor trends for fall 2022


Trend experts with Wethrift, a platform that offers consumers coupons and discounts, have analyzed Pinterest data from May 2022 to present uncovering the most popular trends as the Autumn season approaches.


Here are the top 10 interior trends for the 2022 Fall season found by Wethrift through Pinterest search data:


Farmhouse with a 316% increase in search volume


The classic farmhouse aesthetic brings a sense of warmth and is all about neutral hues, wood accents and combining new furniture with old.


“It’s easy to replicate, and people are incorporating the trend with a modern approach throughout the home, with minimalist elements that resemble Scandinavian design,” said Wethrift trend expert, Nick Drewe. “Trying to strike the right balance between rustic and modern living, with contemporary aspects that reflect today’s ideal home.”


Nature-inspired with a 227% increase in search volume


“One way to bring a touch of nature into your home is by adding skylights, or different types of materials and sheer drapes,” Drewe said. “Doing this will allow the natural light to shine through your home. Natural materials like wood, rattan, bamboo and stone are another great feature to incorporate into your space.”


Nature-inspired trends in the home are really all about reducing stress and creating a serene space for one’s physical and mental well-being.


Bold patterns with a 217% increase in search volume


Adding to that touch of unique personality that so many people look to create in their space can come in small forms and bold patterns. It can be as simple as the fabric choice for curtains, blinds, bedding and even wallpaper.


Maximalist interior with a 212% increase in search volume


The maximalist interior trend plays with layering many different patterns, textures, colors, prints, accessories and art, going hand in hand with the bold patterns trend.


“For years we have seen the interior scene saturated with beige colors and minimalist living spaces, but now we are seeing interior lovers creating homes that are a statement of their personality.”


Contemporary with a 154% increase in search volume


This style showcases space rather than items and creates a subtle and sophisticated look within the home. Nickel, steel, chrome and toned-down materials are often incorporated throughout the interior, avoiding bold and bright designs.


“It’s the opposite of maximalist interior and is more for an individual wanting minimalist space,” Drewe noted. “Think of a neutral palette, clean lines and organic silhouettes that create a more modern and current style. Open spaces are a popular feature. For example, you might add an open dining space or living space instead of an enclosed area.”


Retro style with a 97% increase in search volume


From midcentury furniture to bold colors, retro is recreating the nostalgia of old times. Avocado green is one of the most popular color choices in this up-and-coming trend, other colors include mustard yellow, blue with purple and orange with red.


Ceramic plates with a 95% increase in search volume


“As we wave goodbye to BBQs and start to bring the outdoor celebrations inside, more people are looking to upgrade their tableware,” Drewe said. “Having matching dinner plates, bowls and serving plates goes a long way to making your table setting feel more cohesive. Stylish ceramic dinnerware has the ability to elevate even the most modest meals.”


‘70s interior with a 88% increase in search volume


The ’70s trend is all about blending earthy tones like hunter green, mustard yellow and blues with materials such as rattan and bamboo. Searches for rattan have actually shot up by 77% on Pinterest. From boho to disco, this trend can be incorporated with small changes of adding fringe material to rugs and carpets, adding terrazzo plant pots and velvet cushions and upholstery.


Mediterranean with a 72% increase in search volume


This trend is a mix of Spanish and Italian architecture that can be translated into spaces that bring together indoor and outdoor décor with the use of natural light, natural materials and fabrics. It incorporates terracotta, ceramic and printed tiles as well.


The main color tones are white in its purest form, balanced with natural colors of the Mediterranean landscape such as different hues of blue like the sea, light greens, yellows and browns inspired by flowers and countryside.


Vintage furniture with a 69% increase in search volume


People are moving away from mass-made furniture and toward vintage items that add a one-of-a-kind aspect to the home. Social media is heavily driving this trend as interior designers are hunting for furniture that embraces past decades such as modular sofas from the 70s, art deco curved furniture and rattan chairs.


“We’re seeing a big demand for vintage furniture and fashion, as people start to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle,” Drewe explained. “Individuals want to stand out with furniture that feels completely unique to their home and doing so is driving this desire for vintage and secondhand furniture.”

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