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Industrial Upgrade featured the grand opening of the 26th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts


The 26th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts (JINHAN FAIR) unveiled its grand opening on October 21st in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo. This fair has a total exhibition area up to 75,000 square meters, nearly 4,000 square meters larger than the last session. Over 600 domestic renowned and industry-leading enterprises launched their latest designs and products in the fair, and attracted buyer groups from more than 160 countries and regions worldwide. The pavilions have converged China's leading enterprises of six series products like home decorations, decorative furniture, seasonal decorations, outdoor & gardening series, gifts and househuld items. The house wares and gifts with most creative design and brand vitality were displayed in the front of global buyers. The fair has introduced a new exhibition area (Lobby) with a brand new image and precise market positioning characteristics. It brought in a number of home decorative, outdoor gardening and house wares enterprises from Fujian, Guangdong and other places, which becomes the biggest highlight in the fair.


The procurement demands from European and U.S. markets are still the mainstream of this fair. At present, the top five countries and regions are: Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, Italy and France. On the impact of international financial crisis and European debt crisis, the market demands from Europe and the United States have been significantly reduced compared to 2008. However, it still retains considerable market potential in recent two years of recovery process. Some exhibitors feed backed that the number of regular visiting buyers from Europe and the United States has not declined. But they are likely to be more cautious when they place orders. With the two traditional Western festivals, Christmas and Easter, are around the corner in second half of the year, the procurement demands for seasonal decorations continued to be very strong in this fair. And in particular, companies emphasizing product design and integration of product innovation and practicality are more popular among buyers.


Under the influence of the tight monetary policy, the RMB appreciation has resulted in the increasing of export costs. In the meantime, the rising of raw material and labor cost force the exhibitor enterprises to keep away from orders with prohibitive restrictions. Chinese manufacturers are facing with critical challenges due to the increase of operating costs and uncertainties of market environment. However, for the enterprises place great emphasis on product development and innovation, focus on brand development, and positively embrace the industrial upgrading, they gradually take the lead in the increasingly fierce market competition. These measures have stimulated the enterprise development in the international market to change from passive to be active.


In recent ten years of development, the Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts organized by Guangzhou Poly Jinhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. continues to play the role as the import and export trade weathervane. It brings more comprehensive procurement direction for exhibitors, and provides a more efficient one-stop sourcing platform for international buyers. The Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts will continue to fuel the development of home and gift industry with state-of-the-art service and broad perspective, and build up a solid bridge between domestic enterprises and global buyers.

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