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5 Top Design and Decor Trends for 2023 from MAISON & OBJET 2022


Maison & Objet is the international trade fair for the household goods and home decor, and the perfect place to spot for the top design and decor trends for the next year.


This year edition due to Covid took exceptionally place from Thursday, 24 to Monday, 28 March. Other than the fair, this edition was marked by the first edition of Maison & Objet in the city, a circuit in the city center bringing together 65 spots about design and decoration.


We are just back from some days spent in a sunny Paris attending the press trip, where I also had the chance to meet several designers. Sharing with you some first highlights from the trip in this post, make sure to follow also on Instagram @italianbark for more news and trend highlights!


/ Japanese Design & Style


Although I wrote about the Japan style back in 2017, the trend is still here to stay. In fact, other than being a style inspiration for many settings and furniture pieces, Japanese design was also one of the highlights of this year’s Rising Talents Award. In fact, it was fully dedicated contemporary Japanese design, with a selection of 6 emerging designers hand-picked by architect Kengo Kuma and other leading names in the world of Japanese design.


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 Haruka Misawa with “Doshi” (literally “paper in movement”) plays with paper, making it move thanks to magnetic forces


Yuri Himuro creates beautiful double-layered fabrics, inviting the audience to pick up a pair of scissors and cut into them


Yuma Kano with its Rust Harvest project transform rust into a beautiful material, by pairing it with resin


The winner of the Rising Talent Awards Craft, Toru Kurokawa, creates amazing sculptural ceramics with a metallic look


Broste Copenhagen Nobuko bookcase and Lolly lamps are inspired to Japanese design


MOBJE creates beautiful objets d’art featuring materials and techniques used in hat making


Trend 2

/ Retro Futurism \

5 Top Design and Decor Trends for 2023 from MAISON & OBJET 2022


There was definitely a lot of vintage and retro in this edition of Maison &Objet, that is not a new thing I know. But what’s new is that retro atmospheres were often paired with a futuristic aesthetic, inspired by the Metaverse and digital art, creating new designs and settings with a very interesting new style. From the exhibit to the Designer of the Year Franklin Azzi –  actually named exactly RETRO FUTUR – to many other news, back to the future is definitely a mood to keep in mind now.


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La Cuillère pop up restaurant by Paola Navone and Daniel Rozensztroch combines a nostalgic feel with red and white checkered patterns and lace, and with large plexiglas dining tables, mounted on untreated breeze blocks

|| Discover more: Interview with Paola Navone at the Milan Design Week



Trend 3

/ Happiness and Conviviality \


After two years of pandemic and in the middle of a global crisis, home decor become even more a space where to find creativity and joy. Colourful designs with fun shapes, creative patterns, rounded edges pop up everywhere as a reaction to the years of minimalism and grey/beige. Furniture design embraces conviviality thanks to new combinable solutions, like the coffee tables designed by Uchronia to be combined together in an infinite length.




Trend 4

/ Luxury for everybody \

5 Top Design and Decor Trends for 2023 from MAISON & OBJET 2022


“NEW LUXURY: FROM UBER LUXURY TO LUX POPULIS” was the main theme of this year’s edition of Maison et Objet. A luxury rooted in the craftsmanships, in the new technology, but also in the pop culture and inspired by Chinese athmospheres. Luxury at home is more and more inspired to hotellierie world, as showcased in the So home hotel by Goodmoods. Luxury seen in many Art Deco inspired settings, in endless wallpapers, in shiny and lacquered finishes. 



teamLab brought one of their amazing immersive digital installations in the fair with  “Resonating Microcosms of Life – Solidified Light Color”creating a shiny and luxury environment, where visitors could interact with the exhibit


|| Discover more: Meeting teamLab at the first digital art museum of the world in Tokyo 


Trend 5

/ Nature inspired design \


Nature is still the main source of inspiration for interiors, as showcased in the trend exhibit by Elizabeth Leriche. Earthy colors and rustic athmospheres are still on trend, with a huge presence of African and ethnic inspired decor. Wood is the key material of this style, seen in many different kinds as for example bented or with shousugiban techniques, together with natural fibers, especially rattan and wicker. Nature inspiration comes also from the sea this year, with many marine-themed decorations and textured reminding the fluidity of the ocean.


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African inspirations by Kronbali


Hope you enjoyed the Trend News from this edition of Maison et Objet.

If you are looking for color trends, make sure to have a read at this article about the Future Color Trends for 2023 


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