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Top Keywords on Etsy in February 2022


Analysis of February’s Top 20 Etsy Keywords


Last month we were so surprised by how similar January’s Top 20 searches were to December’s that we showed them side by side. Well, we are doing it again for February’s! Only six searches are new to the Top 20. Only six dropped out of the Top 20. That is remarkable, but as we pointed out last month, Valentine’s Day is second only to Christmas for being a gift-giving holiday.


The single search from January’s Top 20 to drop out of the Top 1000 altogether in February was valentines day decor. Which of course makes sense: most customers shop for holiday decor at least one full month ahead. So if Valentine’s Day decor is a niche you’re in (or would like to be), then mark your calendars to get those items listed in December.


Easter 2022 will be observed on Sunday, April 17. Easter is a “movable feast” that is always held on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25. It’s on the late side this year, and yet there were already 7,399 searches for easter decor in January. It soared to 11,135 searches in February in Etsy’s Top 1000, along with easter #31, easter svg #322, easter wreath #374, and easter basket #435.


Speaking of decor:


Keyword Tool results for the search term decor on Etsy


Decor ranked #1 on Etsy in February 2022 – that’s a first! With 215,319 searches, year-on-year (YoY) decor increased 2,324%! Certainly though, decor is a broad keyword. Too broad to use by itself in a tag. And per eRank’s Keyword Tool, Etsy competition for decor is currently 14,830,370. Rather, we suggest you find a long tail keyword that’s in your niche instead.


Here are 19 search terms with the word decor appearing in Etsy’s Top 1000. In order by rank: decor, home decor, wedding decor, wall decor, boho decor, mushroom decor, bedroom decor, easter decor, office decor, farmhouse decor, decor wall art original canvas, boho wall decor, nursery decor, car decor, cottagecore decor, minimalist decor, kitchen decor, witch decor, and witchy decor.


Trends that are still holding strong


Got to love that mushroom decor, right? It ranked #466, even ahead of easter decor at 509. Mushrooms are still trending! There were four mushroom-related keywords in February’s Top 1000 Etsy searches.


And kudos to Etsy for predicting that the Color of the Year would be emerald green: so far, it appears they were right! The trend is both widespread and wide-ranging. Across several categories, countries and platforms we monitor, we’ve spotted emerald green searches for everything from decor and wall art to weddings and jewelry. Just a few examples: emerald green platter (ranked #69 for the past two weeks on Etsy US); emerald green earrings on Etsy Canada; emerald green pillows on Wayfair.


Other trends we’ve been reporting on here that are still strong: minimalist and mid century modern; all things digital; 3D printing; stickers; cosplay and costumes. Costumes? Yes, costumes!



Always be sure to check the Search Trend column and those blue bars. There we see what’s so crazy: for the searches women’s costumes and especially men’s costumes, they are insanely high for February, right? Women’s costumes made the Top 1000 with 10,968 searches, along with costume weapons with 8,691 searches.


Vikings and pirates and Roman centurions


But there are so many other searches that are likely all part of this rogue wave! Viking horse, viking dreadlocks, pirate boots, adult helmets and axes, knives and swords galore! Armor ranked #91 in Etsy’s clothing category last month. Incidentally, while shoulder armor has half armor’s search volume, it has less than a tenth of the Etsy competition, and a 100% CTR.


We’ve been seeing cosplay-related searches in the Top 100 in several countries and on marketplaces from AliExpress to Amazon Handmade. (Roman centurion costume was in Etsy UK’s Top 100 on Mar 4.) We think this is shaping up to be quite a phenomenon, with plenty of room to join in! Accessories, clothes, badges, patches, pins. Dice, flasks, you name it! Custom or readymade – just be mindful about intellectual property rights. And it’s not just TV / movies. It’s anime and role playing game characters and more! (Looking at you, fursuit #144 and furry #272.)




Crystals? Crystals (a not-entirely accurate blanket search term for rocks and minerals used by the metaphysically-minded) have enjoyed a solid run during the pandemic. But we data geeks at eRank believe we see hints that the trend’s highest highs might be behind us:



Don’t get us wrong! As you can see in the Keyword Statistics chart above on the left, search volume is still mad high (crystals ranked 20 in February’s Top 20 Etsy searches). But it was well down in January (by 55%) from its 15-mos high of 127,403 searches in Nov 2021. While it recovered a bit in February, it’s still down 50%.


And its two superstars moldavite and carnelian? Carnelian’s down 74% and moldavite’s down by 91%! (Moldavite actually broke into the Top 20 at its height.) Currently popular stones? The highest ranking search is opal ring ranked at #108, followed by amethyst at #109 (amethyst is Feb’s birthstone).


The rest of Feb’s Top 1000 minerals and gems, in order by rank: rose quartz, opal, moonstone ring, carnelian, moonstone, aquamarine ring, pearl, labradorite, sapphire, obsidian, emerald, malachite, moss agate ring, sapphire ring, lapis lazuli, garnet, black tourmaline, turquoise, peridot and citrine.


Note that this is actually an unusually high number of “crystal”-related searches to make a Top 1000 list. So, it could be that the crowd that leapt on the metaphysical-crystal train has learned enough now to be seeking out individual stones. We’ll be watching this for you and report again.


Up and down


Cottagecore; resin art; keychain. We are still seeing cottagecore searches daily on platforms from AliExpress to Pinterest. So we think cottagecore is still a good bet, both in the US and abroad.



Keychain and resin art are the same: consistently up and down over the past 15 months. In fact, resin art is currently up right now. We are mentioning it only to reassure you that if you look up one of these searches and see it’s currently down, that these just seem to fluctuate. We’ll be keeping an eye on them for you, because all three are still significant trends.


New to the Top 1000 Etsy Searches


Custom action figure.



We’ve been seeing that all kinds of figures and figurines are hot now, and in several countries.


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