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DECOR TIPS | How to decorate with Purple & Pantone 2022


Looking for some ideas to decorate your home with Purple? Be inspired by these tips.

Definitely back on trend in the last years – the trend started back in 2018 with Pantone Ultraviolet , switching this year to the Pantone Vey Peri 2022 color on a more bluish violet. Perfect for graphic design and branding, actually purple is a bit more complicated for interiors. 


Purple in factis definitely not for everybody. A rich and stylish color, you either love of hate it. Anyways, it can be a good option for example for commercial interiors, to define visually strong concepts.


But also for decorating your home in a quite original way,  purple -together with its softer version, lilac – can be a great option. We collected some tips and inspirations for you.


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Decorate with Periwinckle Blue / Pantone Very Peri Color Trend 2022


When used in home decor and interior design, Very Peri injects a sense of “playful freshness into home interiors, enlivening a space through unusual colour combinations” – as mentioned by Pantone. 


A versatile shade that is “suited to an array of different materials, textures and finishes.” Very Peri can provide a “a pop of colour, whether introduced through a painted wall, accent furniture or home decor, or acting as an intriguing and eye-catching accent in a pattern.”


There are many shades of Periwinkle – darker and lighter versions so pick one you like best.


Take a cue from the “Avant Basic” style trend and use periwinkle as a pop of colour. Periwinkle is a soft yet bright tone that works alongside neutral and bold colour pairings.


For a lively look combine Periwinkle with bright hues, or use with blues and neutrals for a serene feel. 


Be inspired by these color palettes and interiors!


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Decorate with Purple
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Decorate with Purple

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