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New Horizons and Opportunities! The 45th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts Officially Launches this April


To help build a "dual circulation” development pattern that promotes domestic and international markets, to build a one-stop sourcing platform for home furnishings and gifts, and to strengthen the industry’s momentum, the 45th Jinhan Fair for Home and Gifts (JINHAN FAIR) will be held online and offline for the first time. It will vigorously promote the inter-linkage between enterprises and the market to embrancemore business opportunities. Registration is now in full swing!


Onsite Exhibition:April 16-19, 2022
Online Exhibition: April 11-29, 2022 (3 phases)


Innovation and synergy promotion in such an integrated format
Following a "dual circulation of domestic and foreign markets and integrated online and offline exhibitions" policy, the 45th JINHAN FAIR "Offline Exhibition” will officially be held this April. The event organizer will help open the door to both overseas and domestic markets for enterprises to explore new business opportunities by inviting domestic buyer, representatives, branch offices of overeases companies in China. With over 700 quality home furnishing and gift manufacturers to showcaseonsite, organizer will set up a live broadcasting room for high-quality brands to present, in which they would explore more business opportunities, and to further improve integrated online and offline platforms as well. 


“The "Online Exhibition" has the outstanding advantage of linking global buyers with low costs and high efficiency without the limitations of time and space. By optimizing digital marketing and promotion channels, it will attract more overseas professional buyers, so as to dig deeper into the international market resources and open up new business channels. More than 300,000 new products will be presented online in the forms of pictures, videos, VR, etc., and exhibitors will enjoy an immersive exhibiting experience through "cloud showcase," "cloud interfacing," and "cloud negotiations." International exchanges and cooperation can be carried out on the cloud.



Precise invitations and sophisticated services


With massive buyer data resources accumulated over the past 20+ years and precise invitation channels, organizer will invite many professional buyers in the industry of home and gifts,in consideration of new export trends and chains, including overseas buyers in China, purchasing agents, import and export trading companies, direct purchasing departments of e-commerce platforms, independent stations for cross-border e-commerce, big sellers, import and export wholesalers/retailers, etc. To attract target buyers and reduce travel costs, the organizer will also launch a series of buyer service packages.



Exciting concurrent activities



At both online and offline platform , before and during the JINHAN FAIR, the matching service is always committed to establishing accurate and efficient connections between buyers and exhibitors. The organizer will hold a series of exciting concurrent events in this session, including overseas consumer trend analysis, cross-border e-commerce purchasing meetings , home design trends, supply and demand match-making, and other diversified contents. For overseas buyers who cannot attend the fair due to Covid-19, the organizer will help buyers connect with pre-mached exhibitors by holding online sourcing meetings, and provide them live show services.

Sneak peek into the concurrent activities:

■ 2022 International Home Design Trend Analysis
■ New Development Trends for Cross-border Home and Gift E-commerce in Europe and America
■ Opportunities and Challenges Facing International Logistics in Europe and America
■ Selection Analysis of Home and Gifts on Overseas E-commerce Platforms
■ New Marketing Overseas Channels for Post-Covid
■ Supply and Demand Matchmaking Session with Overseas VIP Buyers


Targeted and Efficient Invitation

The organizer will invite professional buyers to the fair, build the most accurate and fastest communication bridge for exhibitors and buyers, to help enterprises connect with more new customers!
● Personalized EDM content pushing to 100,000+ domestic buyers and 500,000 overseas buyers
● Brand buzzword SEM promotion on Google to promote buyer registration
● Viral marketing of overseas buyer resources
● All-around domestic feed ads promotion
● One-on-one phone invitations to boost upattendance
● VIP buyer service team will conduct delegation of different associations



A "debut" and a “reunion” will be presented in April 2022 See you at JINHAN FAIR in Guangzhou!




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