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Theme Forum: Seizing the Trends for Home and Interior Design, Winning the Foreign Market


On April 24 and 25, the 33rd Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts Guangzhou ("Jinhan Fair") continued to be a hotspot for trading business talks. The host specially organized two forums, in the theme of Latest Trend Forecasts for Home and Interior Design and the theme of Strategy for Coping with the Changes in European and American Market, for enterprises and professionals in the home decoration industry to share their forecasts of the future trend and provide their advices for coping with the quick changes in the European and American market. More than 600 people packed the venue of the event and had very good interactions with the lecturers in the forums.


“Understanding the trend before making products”

Jean Laurits Larsen, Senior Designer of Maisons Du Monde, presented his themed forum on the Latest Trend Forecasts for International Home and Interior Design in 2017. Jean shared his latest trend forecasts for international home and interior design, including themes, concepts, colors and materials, and explained how to apply and bring to life the popular elements for 2017 during the product design stage.


Jean believes, as the consumers' habits and preferences are changing, products with mixed and matched elements will become more and more popular. The mix and match of multiple elements in the products, such as mix and match of glass and metal elements, and the mix and match of geometry and retro elements, can add unexpected effects. Meanwhile, Jean specially points out that we should give thorough consideration of the regional and cultural differences in the target market and pay attention to details such as the printing and spelling when designing a product.





"Returning to Heart, Listening to Clients"

Ron Faruqui, Vice President of Strategic Purchase Department of Testrite Group, a global home decoration importer and integrator, brought to the audience a lecture in the theme of Understanding the Changing US Market Today. He points out that the American market is changing rapidly and the clients' demand is also changing with the market. Therefore, we should "return to heart" in customer development, i.e., we should use effective market research approaches to carefully listen to the clients' needs, finding the right positions and establishing pertinent development strategy, thus eventually achieving a better result in customer development. Ron has worked closely with top U.S. retailers and importers and outstanding Chinese suppliers. He believes that an outstanding supplier should also actively study the needs of the end consumers, fully understand the consumers' preference and trend of consumption, develop products that satisfy the market demand, so as to successfully transform from a supplier into a partner and maintain a long-term, sustainable partnership with its clients.






Jinhan Fair is already half done, and the trading business talks are coming into the conclusion stage. We wish all exhibitors to achieve their expected goals in this fair. Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts is endeavoring to become a one-stop platform for export and trade exchanges in the home decoration and gifts industry, and will continue to provide enterprises with the latest trends of the industry as well as strategies and advices for winning the global market and creating unlimited business opportunities!

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