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1. It looks more modern than higher bed frames. There's a reason they're a top choice among the trendy millennial set: Low-to-the-ground beds instantly inject a room with a cool, minimalistic aesthetic.

2. High beds are much riskier. If I'm going to fall out of bed (which, fingers crossed, never happens) I'd much rather do so from a low height. I already have a habit of injuring myself doing everyday things (like sleeping), so anything I can do to minimize that risk is a plus in my book.

3. The lack of storage can actually be a blessing. It's always been hard for me to part with things I don't really need -- think, my high school prom dress, old magazines, and makeup I'll never use -- and when I had a high bed I just shoved everything beyond my bedskirt. Without any under-the-bed space to hide these unnecessary items, I've had to confront, and beat, my hoarder tendencies.

4. Getting into, and out of, bed is basically a mini workout. Squats are all the rage right now, and instead of paying a huge fee to take a legs-based fitness class, I strengthen mine everyday doing something I always do: Squatting down to get in bed.

5. It's just easier. Much less fuss goes into owning lowriding bed: There'sno bedskirt to worry about, and you don't even need a box spring unless youreally want one. The sleeker low frames also lack the bulk of their up-high counterparts, so they easily fit into small spaces (like my tiny NYC apartment).    



1. It's a classic. A high bed will never go out of style, so there's minimal buyer's regret about splurging on that pricey bed frame, box spring, and mattress.

2. Waking up is so much easier. As a non-morning person, the last thing I need on Monday at 7am is struggling to stand up. In a high bed, when the alarm goes off, you sit up and turn, dangling your feet off the side. Below them, your cozy slippers have been strategically placed, so when you stand, they slide right on. In other words: It's the perfect way to start your day.

3. There's instantly more space for storage. That free room under your bed can be filled with baskets, bins, or drawers for organizing miscellaneous pieces. Think of how life-changing that is when you're short on closet space.

4. Low beds are a germaphobe's worst nightmare. When I'm sleeping at night, deep in my REM cycle, I don't want to worry about turning over, falling out of bed, and ending up with a mouthful of dirty floor. There's your hair, lint, and all manner of grossness–even if you fancy yourself a clean freak. Not exactly the stuff sweet dreams are made of.

5. It makes you feel good. No matter where you are, in a high-up bed, you instantly feel like you're sleeping in luxury. Have you ever seen a royal bedroom with low-slung bed? Bottom line: If it's not good enough for the Queen, it's not good enough for me.


Source: Elle Deco

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