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Leading New Trends in Global Home & Gifts Industry- the 31st JINHAN FAIR Closes Successfully


After 7 days’ heated sourcing business negotiations, the 31st JINHAN FAIR closes successfully today in Guangzhou Poly Jinhan World Trade Exhibition Center. The FAIR had nearly 800 exhibitors and an exhibition area of 83,000 square meters. 51,000 buyers from 160 countries can now go home with full loads of orders. The products which represent the new season home & gifts trend will travel with the buyers from JINHAN FAIR to all corners of the world.

Great Volume Shows Brand Power
Almost all sourcing giants of the global home & gifts industry have come to JINHAN FAIR.” This has become the consensus of the Chinese export companies. During this FAIR, Hobby Lobby、William – Sonoma from the US, Kingfisher from the UK, Karstadt、xxxlutz from Germany, Adeo from France, Nitori from Japan, Cencosud from Chile、Li & Fung from Hong Kong among other major retailers were frequently seen onsite. Chinese exhibitors such as, Minhou Minxing, Anxi Yingfa, Shenzhen Dsily, Shanghai Xin Siya brought with them the more creative, diverse and higher quality products of the new season of home & gifts to the global buyers.

We can easily tell the importance of JINHAN FAIR on the schedule of buyers from the teams of buyers. Ms. Ellen Li from the global sourcing division of Target said, “We always dispatch 5 to 6 teams to the FAIR, and walk through all halls of the FAIR deliberately.” Hong Kong Bangcheng Sourcing, as the sourcing agent of Pier 1 arranged 6 teams to accompany their clients to buy 6 major product categories, its director, Mr. Xiong Hualin said, “ Our overseas clients have good business performance increase in recent years; our sourcing business has been growing along. The market surpassed our forecast. “
With the great volume of exhibitors and buyers and accumulated brand power, JINHAN FAIR is not only regard as the sourcing base by the buyers, but also noticed and recognized by international trend forecast institutes. On this FAIR, Mr. Tom Mirabile, the consumer trend forecast expert from “Global Color Bible” Pantone pointed out passionately that, “Compared with other exhibitions, what impress me most in JINHAN FAIR are the fashion trends, avant-garde inspirations and reliable product quality.”。

Export “New Normal” Releases Market New Opportunities
The export development of China is at the escalating period of speed and transformation stage of structure, the “New Normal” of export has been confirmed gradually. Against the new backdrop, export companies with differentiated competitiveness and proprietary brand will win the new spring if they could only adjust the way of thinking, perfect their “internalities”, and increase the product added value to grasp the new opportunities in the market.

According to the director of one of our exhibitors, Mr. Zhang from Qingdao Fuhai, “Precise market positioning is the founding stone of the development of a company. Our positioning is the medium level glassware brand supplier of Europe. Through 2 to 3 years of product strategies adjustment and branding, our client composition has turned from importers as the majority to retailers as the absolute majority. Leveraging the platform of JINHAN FAIR, we have not only immune from the downs of the market, but even have grown our business steadily, and raised our client loyalty greatly.”
To facilitate the exhibitors in their efforts of grasping new opportunities in the market, the FAIR brought in more than 80 innovative companies to create the new exhibition areas of “Outdoor Gardening” and “Lighting Fixtures”. This was what we called conglomerate effect to help the companies’ development. The director of the first timer Cali Oubi of Foshan, Guangdong said,” We launched a large amount of latest products in the lighting fixture exhibition area, and got acquainted with many professional buyers. The transaction achievements were obvious.”
The Polish buyer Kolpol Lighting was impressed about the FAIR in recent years and the innovation of the exhibitor, its director Zenon Musial said,” The quality of the exhibits have been improving during the past 2 years, it’s unbelievable. The Chinese companies are fast responded to the market fashion, and very creative. We always find the product categories of the latest hits here.”

During Oct. 21st to 27th, 2015, the 32nd JINHAN FAIR will bring the latest Fall & Winter products of home & gifts to you in Guangzhou Poly Jinhan World Trade Exhibition Center. The one-stop sourcing fiesta of global home & gifts industry will again stage in this coming October. See you then!

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