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10 Beautifully Blossoming Spring Centerpieces


Pick a single stem or gather a bouquet. Whatever your style, there's a fresh spring floral arrangement here for you

Spring is wonderful in a million different ways, not the least of which is the abundance of flowers that grow at no other time of year — crocuses, tulips, blossoming trees, wisteria and blankets of wildflowers.

You can freshen up any room and bring a little of the exuberance of spring inside with a seasonal bouquet. Think bud green, soft pinks, lavenders and whites. Think an explosion of field flowers in oranges, yellows and purples.

And the best thing is, you don't need to be a professional florist to make something beautiful. Many of the choices below are at their most gorgeous in their natural state.

Blossoming Trees

1. Cut a few branches. 2. Put the branches in a clear vase or jar. 3. Enjoy your arrangement.

A branch in blossom needs no other adornment. Blossoming branches are sculptural and fresh and colorful all on their own, and they are right at home with home styles from French country to Japanese modern.

Flowers of Spring

A bucket of spring flowers is all you really need to say about spring. And it looks lovely against an all-white background.

For a more modern, less country, look, arrange single stems in a geometric shape or line.

I love little individual arrangements. Even if "arrangement" simply means a single stem of lilac blossoms in an old apothecary bottle.

New-Leaf Greenery

This bowl of Sedum 'Angelina' has lasting power and that vibrant, nearly glowing green of new growth.

A single palm frond or tropical leaf is modern and sculptural and also all things spring: fresh, green, dewy.

Fresh new fern shoots: modern, delicate and the lightest, tenderest shade of green.


Full disclosure: I had mason jars filled with wildflowers as my wedding centerpieces. I am just a sucker for their messy, natural beauty. Sweet pea blossoms like these are so fleeting and so sweet smelling.

You don't have to go messy and wild with wildflowers. Separate them by color or species and create a perfect wabi-sabi modern arrangement.


Source: Houzz



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