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Emerging Trends of Home Décor in Spring Summer 2016


Our world is accelerating into 2015. The U.S. economy is recovering whilst the European Union is still in struggle. Various governments have already implemented easy monetary policies. The decrease of international crude oil prices may cause global deflation and regional conflicts. We may expect such frequent occurrences of black swan events in politics and economies would bring more uncertainty to people’s daily lives and somehow impact home décor designs. It can be observed that in terms of home décor designs, artistic innovations and technical implementations are being combined. Thanks to the development of new materials and technologies, designers and artists can actualize their ideas easier and faster. On the other hand, we may also see simple structural designs with innovative natural and vintage elements are becoming more and more popular. Soothing colors and subtle hues tend to be balanced and pleasing.

Here are 4 emerging trends we recommend you to pay close attention to, in which you may find dynamic and balanced development of home décor.


Hypothesis of whimsical and invigorating artistic imaginaries can bring infinite visions of designs. With the development of scientific explorations, these designs then can be proved and realized by new technologies. The collisions of art and science result in extraordinary outcomes. Radiant and enchanting colors are surprisingly matched together, enhancing the feeling of spring and summer. Natural textures, flowing and sprayed finishes put together with polymeric material, perfectly show the merge of art and science and bring richness of fashion and flexibility to the designs.


Balance (Naturalism Vs Minimalism)

The balance of naturalism and minimalism is another key trend. Products are minimized yet reflect the true quality of nature; bright and clean surface contains abundant detailed textures. Neutral and soft colors express an elegant feeling. Pink is very important among these colors. Authentic feathers and wood textures enhance a balanced mood. Patterns for this trend are especially low profile. The innovative outline and appearance of designs can bring lots of fantastic imagination.


Renaissance (History Vs Contemporary)

Renaissance focuses on the contrast of historical feelings and contemporary shapes and textures on the same piece of design. Traditional iron and wood furniture with gold or copper trims and historical paintings can be renovated with unusual colors and textures to express an abstract feeling. The palette is mystic and deep, with lots of violets. Historical paintings and patterns are destructed and restructured, blending into modern lives.


Speculate (Lifestyle Vs Innovation)

This is a beautiful story of ordinary daily lives. Our pursue of small innovation in daily lives let us escape from urban lives. This trend looks at life through children’s eyes and seeks for inspirations and innovations. Colors and patterns are the key to this trend. Handiworks, knitting and weaving, cardboard and prints, wood and cement and other materials can reflect our thoughts on the nature of life and creativity.

To sum up, these four emerging trends are mainly about collisions and merging of different design characteristics to bring more possibility to home décor in spring and summer; reflecting the rapidly changing nature of our era. No matter now or in the future, we ought to constantly think, express and renovate designs to match with the development of our society.


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